Two Groups Identified as Possible Suspects on the Chelsea Bombing.


The Mennonite Liberation Front and the Amish Tea Party are being mentioned as involved in the bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. They have been under investigation for some time now, but kept under secrecy because of the huge economic power their supporters hold in the fields of advanced electronics, rocketry and quilting.

FBI sources that wish to remain anonymous, shared a picture of a police roadblock in Miami Beach last month where a Mennonite VBIED was intercepted before it could go off, saving possibly hundreds of lives.  The event was kept under wraps so Homeland Security could investigate and follow-up on leads that might reveal the upper echelons of both organizations.


We’ll stay on top of this new development and continue to inform you as more information becomes available.

And remember, let us not jump to conclusions, M’Kay?

5 Replies to “Two Groups Identified as Possible Suspects on the Chelsea Bombing.”

    1. That was the gentleman who set fire to the Florida mosque attended by the gay bar jihadi and his parents. He was originally identified as Jewish, but the truth was more nuanced.


  1. While I commend you on correctly identifying the Mennonite Liberation Front, formerly part of the Mennonite Anabaptist Combat Group (MACG). I do believe you have made the mistake of confusing the Amish Tea Party with the Amish Front for the Liberation of Pennsylvania (AFLP). A common mistake.



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