Emotional First Aid Kit at University of Houston. UPDATE


An adviser and an assistant professor at the University of Houston showed support for providing students with an emotional first aid kit that would contain a baby blanket and candy among other things.

Their backing of the emotional first aid kid is revealed in a Project Veritas video first obtained by The Daily Caller. James O’Keefe went undercover in late August as a member of the “99.9 percent” group and spoke to University of Houston psychology department advisor Bobbie Sue Schindler.“The stress of school gets to them. Like a bad grade, a missed class, being late, a microaggression, uhh whatever,” Schindler said to O’Keefe about the emotional distress University of Houston students face.

Source: University Officials Back Literal Emotional First Aid Kit | The Daily Caller

You know what is gonna happen, right? Students will that having to break glass, something so dangerous, triggers them into an intellectual coma and will demand the resignation of the adviser.

This has to be trolling at its best… that or we need to fumigate that university.

CONFIRMED: It is trolling. 

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