Gotta win somehow

Missouri just became the 11th state in the Union that has Constitutional Carry.  All 50 states now have some sort of concealed carry law on the books after Illinois lost Moore v. Madigan.

Gun control groups thought that Sandy Hook would finally be the Reichstag Fire that gave them carte blanche to impose broad sweeping gun bans and regulations.  Instead, Americans have responded by making month after month record gun sales.

Gun control is all but a dead issue in Congress.  Despite, or perhaps because of,  the efforts of Michael Bloomberg, gun control has had no national wins and few state wins outside of the “blue zones” of NY, NJ, MA, and CA.  The more the gun control movement opens its mouth, the more it embarrasses itself.

After every domestic terrorist attack, gun control advocates push for more gun control, claiming that will save us.  The American people have seen through the BS of gun control groups and Leftists politicians by responding to every terrorist attack by buying guns and getting permits to carry them in public.  A large and growing number of Americans have realized that the politicians that can’t even say “Islamic terrorism” have no hope of preventing Islamic terrorism, and that the American people must defend themselves*.

*See:Crossroads Mall Shooting.

Gun control is losing.  They need a victory.  If the can’t get one in real life they are going to make one up.

Enter Miss Sloane.  This is a movie, apparently, about a take-no-prisoners, ball-busting, lobbyist Elizabeth Sloane, who is going to score a big win for gun control by passing “reasonable gun control”  (probably a complete assault weapons and handgun ban) against the (probably evil, misogynistic, and racist) movie stand in for the NRA.

Everything in the movie will be a lie.  Gun rights advocated will be portrayed in the worst light possible.  Gun control petty tyrants will all be sympathetic characters.  And Sloane will find personal redemption fighting for a worthy cause.

*Update: based on clokworkgremlin’s comments and a fraction of a second worth of footage in the trailer I missed the first time, I am going to bet that some fanatical gun rights supporter is going to shoot and possibly kill Miss Sloane – because that has never happened in real life but anti gunners are always saying that they are being threatened by us because we are unhinged borderline murderers – and that instead of being a redemption movie, it is a tragedy.

This will be a two hour turd and box office flop, that the critics will love for being the gun hating Leftist wet dream.


5 Replies to “Gotta win somehow”

  1. (Before watching) Hmm. Wonder how this trailer will compare to the one I saw already.

    For those who don’t know –that’s everybody here– I just finished a month working at a market research company, and ended up previewing early trailers for Miss Sloane to a couple of people. I’ve only seen one trailer, and that a few weeks ago. By comparison, there’s been a new version of the Sing trailer every single week.


    1. It was different. Very different. I can’t list details (they make both the interviewer and the interviewee sign an NDA), but I’m getting a strong feeling that the movie is actually going to be a tragedy: Miss Sloane’s career is destroyed by the “evul gun manyoofracterers.”

      Also, “It’s about making sure you surprise them, and they don’t surprise you.” Not untrue: have you seen Trump’s poll numbers lately?

      It’s funny how often Hollywood switches the political sides. (See also: 2000 movie about a Republican politician smearing a female presidential candidate… just like the Democrats did to Palin 8 years later)


  2. I dont know if MO has constitutional carry. Does the new law decriminalizing CC without a permit also override the previous law that OC is legal provided the individual has a CCW permit? IOW, does the new CC law apply to and negate the old OC license requirement?

    If not, then it’s not quite constitutional carry per mu understanding (legal unlicensed CC and OC state-wide).



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