Moms Demand join the “Trump Must Be Shutdown” party.

Found the excerpt of Trump’s remarks from CNN. it seems that they never heard the idea of practice what you preach:

Not surprising that the Real Sharia Wives of Moms Demand would follow the instructions of her Economical Master, Michael Bloomberg. But the comments do get funny:


Trump’s demand although facetiousness and done for political headlines, it must have hit way too close to home for Shannon Watts who does not attend a public function without a phalanx of armed security.  Michael Bloomberg left the office of NYC Mayor with a full escort of former NYPD cops to protect them, but he does not like the little people to defend themselves. It seems that those who are Liberal Democrats in positions of power, have a penchant for demanding armed security after rejoining private life, like former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Jr.

What is sad is to see Shannon’s followers cry foul not at her of Hillary’s hypocrisy, but to lose their minds when Trump points the obvious. And they have no problem asserting their Betters can have a “privilege” they do not allow themselves to have and fight for others to be as weak and helpless as themselves.

Dear Real Sharia Wives of Moms Demand, get this: It is not a privilege, it is my goshdarned right.

And dear Shannon, so you don’t say I am a bad person leaving a bad taste in your political mouth, How about some Barry White?


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