Peak stupid

Yesterday, Chris Hayes responded to bombings in New York and New Jersey this way:


Chris Hayes raised the bar on stupid things said online about guns.  This sent Everytown into a tizzy.  Nobody is allowed to say something stupider about guns than a Bloomberg backed group and so they had to up the ante.


What began as an act of terror ENDED IN GUN VIOLENCE!!!  Terror is so passe.  Who cares about a bomb that inured 25 people.  The real problem is guns and that America doesn’t stop terror suspects from buying guns.

Ahmad Rahami may not have been on the terror watch list, or even the no-fly list, seeing as how he traveled to Afghanistan multiple times before the bombing.  We also don’t yet know hoe he got the gun.  But OH MY GOD, GUNS ARE WORSE THAN TERRORISM.

This has to be peak stupid.  This has to be the point at which gun control groups jump the shark.  There is no way that “so what, he blew more than two dozen people up, motivated by an extreme ideology, and the government couldn’t stop him, the real problem is guns.”

If your first response to an act of terror is “He used a bomb!?!  How do we spin this for gun control?”  You are an awful, evil person, and you just need to step away from commenting on politics.


2 Replies to “Peak stupid”

  1. They are evil. Some have called for the banning of guns and then one city at a time, Closing down the borders telling the population to surrender there guns and then saying of you do not surrender your guns the government should nuke you. Tens of millions would die but they do not care about that body count; only that less guns are in the hands of the people. These are people that feel in order to get rid of guns in this country the U.S. Government exterminating 130-150 million peole is an acceptable action. I don’t even think the hosts of MSNBC would support that.



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