Book Review: The Grey Man – Partners.



The one thing I hate about doing a review is I am always fearful to throw a spoiler or two out and ruin the surprise. Oh well.

The fourth installment of the Grey Man is again a great book to sit and relax with your favorite adult beverage. J.L. Curtis does not fall into the temptation of repeating a proven formula from earlier works, but focus the John Cronin story on two items: Family and continuing the tradition of doing what is right. He knows he is no longer the young pup that could take on the world and he is not only not happy about it, he might even be fearful. His almost extinct family however is now growing back, new life is coming in and there is hope for the future in their little patch of Texas.

My guess is that Cronin will eventually realize that the game is for the young ones and he will need to settle down, impart the wisdom acquired over the years and play with the wee ones on the porch. Patriarch is not a bad word after all.

The Gray Man – Partners is for the pickings at Amazon.

If you have not any of the books, You can get started with the first book, The Grey Man: Vignettes in Kindle which is priced at $1.99 for what I imagine a limited time.



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  1. I highly endorse Jim’s books. This one was enjoyable. I only regret that I want to stay in the book and keep reading, thus I finish too quickly.


  2. Thanks for the good words! I ‘try’ to keep it real, well, as real as one can in fiction… 🙂 I was told I’m not a writer, I’m a storyteller, and I take that as a compliment. 🙂



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