Question of the Day: Who the flock is Ray LaMontagne?


I understand that I am not hip to the latest in music, in fact, I pretty much ignore anything post mid-80s and most radio nowadays is the equivalent of QVC or the Shopping Network for music.  So who is Ray LaMontagne besides another Dancing Monkey who thinks he has a bigger ride in the High Morals pony? According to his Wikipedia page, his biggest claim to fame is to be the soundtrack for some TV and cable episodes and playing at locations where concealed carry is allowed but have no controversy around them.

Listen, I know it is cool to be all huffed and puffed about Campus Carry in Texas right now because it is the latest faux outrage, but concealed carry? Dude, that train left the station, traveled through the whole country and literally reached the end of its destination years ago. There are close (or possibly more than) 15 million people with Concealed Carry licenses and not counting the states that do not require a permit to carry. We all walk by you every day.
Where the hell have you been?

So my best advice for Ray LaMontagne:


PS: I just realized that if Ray LaMontagne is truly dedicated an meant what he said, he should not play in any state that issues Concealed Carry licenses. I dropped by his Twitter account and challenged him to do so. 😀


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  1. The left says campuses are full of “rape culture,” with 20-25% of female students being sexually assaulted at some point in their college careers. This guy plays campuses but bails on one of the few that explicitly allow female (and all other) students to protect themselves. If one thought this guy had any amount of logic banging around inside his empty head, one would have to assume he is pro-rape at the very least.



  2. I call it “The Cocktail Party Pose.” What I mean is, if you are in the entertainment biz (which includes TV Talking Heads), or an Ivy League professor, or leftist politician: you will not be invited to ANY cocktail party with the “In Crowd” or the Beautiful people (or whatever they call it these days) — unless you parrot the Litany of Leftism Today. One important item in the Litany is Guns Suck, and only the poor misguided Great Unwashed (or, I suppose The Irredeemables) can’t get it through their sloping foreheads that the NRA is the cause of all crime, suicides, accidents, and terrorism in the world.
    So, if you are determined to get invited to a Beautiful People cocktail party, you have to “make a statement” and cancel a gig or something.
    The Cocktail Party Pose. — be on the lookout and avoid like the plague!
    Me, I prefer a Texas BBQ, and I have a terrific 1911 BBQ gun….



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