But I thought claiming Stand Your Ground was instant exoneration!

A plea deal for a seven-year prison sentence this week resolved the case of a Palm Beach County felon who had faced two attempted murder charges but claimed he fired his gun in self-defense.
At one time, Brian Bragdon’s “stand your ground” claim had the attention of Florida’s Supreme Court.The high court in 2014 wound up not reviewing the case because lower courts then agreed gun-toting felons such as Bragdon, 27, have the same rights as law-abiding citizens to seek immunity from prosecution under the law.
Last year, Circuit Judge Dina Keever considered and then denied the defense’s request to dismiss the charges stemming from an Aug. 4, 2012 confrontation at an adult club near West Palm Beach.

Source: Plea deal gets felon 7 years for shooting outside adult club – Sun Sentinel

And that is how it works, folks. Just like a regular plea of Innocent, the defendant makes a plea and the judge decides if the evidence justifies granting it. It is not an automatic Get Out Of Jail card like the media likes to perpetuate as the case above clearly demonstrates. And he is White which allegedly was supposed to double the automatic “pardon” plus a weekend at a Disney World hotel.

In the words of the late Robin Williams: “Reality, what a concept!”


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