You kill me, I kill you right back.

The good news if you ever happen to travel South, is that they are not widespread and you have to bother them. There was an Aquarium back in the not-so-old-country that had an electric eel in its exhibition and a very clear sign that said “Do not touch or thump the glass.” Of course, several Latino versions of Cletus had to do just the opposite with the inevitable result when you screw with an animal that can shoot up to 1,000 volts at one amp.

4 Replies to “You kill me, I kill you right back.”

  1. That is a really tiny alligator.

    Shame for the eel that shocking it probably clamped the jaws even tighter than the alligator ever could have deliberately.

    Some fun facts about electfic eels:
    -they’re blind
    -they use a weak electrical field to “see,” and a recommended aquarium decoration is a transparent plastic tube called a “ghost house” for them to hide in
    -releasing the high-voltage discharge is apparently painful to the eel.


  2. Glass is an extremely good insulator…so what are we implying happened to the people that thumped the glass? I feel like I’m missing something here…



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