Bloomberg and the Young Turks

So the mainstream media has picked up and reported on a study that was released to The Trace that only 3% of Americans own half of US guns.

Note: when your first publication of your study is the Bloomberg backed anti-gun propaganda outlet, The Trace, it makes me question your objectivity.  It’s like publishing a paper on how Veganism cures cancer in the PETA magazine.

According to the study, 78% of Americans don’t own guns, 19% own the first half of all US guns, and 3% own the other half of all US guns.  Those of us in the 3% are “hard core super owners” which is a title I will totally own with pride.  I want that on a T-Shirt.

I really doubt the validity of this study.  So why publish something straight to an anti-gun publication that stinks of being false.  Well… I’ll let the people at Everytown demonstrate.

They posted the study on their Facebook page.


And these were some of the comments.

First came the small penis mockery.  Let’s call that what it is: dehumanization.


Next, let’s question their loyalty to the US and just how much of a threat they are to non group member citizens.


Lastly, let’s encourage putting them into ghettos or on reservations and systematically oppress them with government force.




There you have it.  Why try and push the idea that there is a super dangerous minority that doesn’t hold or share the values of the “good” majority?  Because history has demonstrated pretty clearly that this is what it takes to get the “good” majority to jump on the oppress the others bandwagon.  Jews in Germany, France, and Poland.  Armenians in Turkey.  Irish in the UK.  Natives in the US and Canada. Etc.

Tell the “good” people at Everytown that only 3% of people are super gun owners and they will trip over themselves to dehumanize and call for the ghettoization and oppression of that small minority of “other” fellow citizens.

And they wonder why we are so militant sometimes.  This is why.  We are the Armenians to their Young Turks.  Give them a chance to put the boot in the face of gun owners and they line up and call dibs.

6 Replies to “Bloomberg and the Young Turks”

  1. It’s obvious who should take a step back and consider the consequences:
    >> the armed citizen:
    “just leave me alone and I will leave you alone.”
    Or those that say:
    >> “let’s round them up and confine them to camps where we can keep an eye on them.”
    Is there a hole in this logic? I think not.


  2. Actually, none of these weenies will “line up and call dibs,” because they want the federal government to do the dirty work, to murder, harrass, and incarcerate gun owners. They cannot and will not do it themselves. And this will be the basis of these people’s insane opinions being increasingly marginalized in the Free states.


  3. So 3% of Americans own 50% of Americans’ guns?

    When it comes to “rounding them up” and “take all their guns”, they DO realize that 3% of Americans is about 9 Million people, right?

    9 million as in, “an order of magnitude larger than the nation’s police and military combined”?


  4. I especially like the Charles Hanne comment, “Good, it will not be hard to find them when Obama comes for the guns, 50% in one day”.

    I like it because I’m not sure if it’s a serious comment or a gun guy doing some trolling. I love brain teasers.



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