Fear and Loathing in Charlotte

I’ve been following the news and distortions of what has been happening in Charlotte.  So far, I think the worst article I’ve read is from the Daily Mail‘He was allowed to drive away alive’: White motorist armed with a GUN is filmed driving slowly through crowd of protesters in Charlotte.

What unfolded in situation covered in this article is important considering all the other discussion about what to do if you find yourself in a car surrounded by violent protesters.  The Daily Mail covered the account as described by the writer Heather Head.

White dude drives into crowd of peaceful protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive. With my own eyes. #CharlotteProtest,’ she wrote alongside the shocking clip.

There are some details that watching the video (in the Daily Mail article) that this terrible assessment fails to cover.  First and foremost, the protesters were not “peaceful” by any means.  I am not a lawyer, but shouting “no justice, no peace” in the middle of a riot is prima facie evidence that they are not peaceful.  The protesters had advanced on the man in his car and surrounded it.  Some people were actually pounding on the car.

The Daily Mail admits to all this but doesn’t seem to acknowledge what it means: ‘No justice, no peace,’ the group are heard chanting before they spot the man’s weapon.

It is at that point the gun come out.  INSTANTLY the situation changes.  The once aggressive protesters back away from the car as one yells “he’s got a gun.”  You can see phones come out and record the man in the car with the gun.  The attitude of the protesters suddenly shifts to crybully victim.  They were fine being the ones in power, being aggressive and threatening.  The second they found out that their intended victim was willing to fight back, they decided it wasn’t fair.

The Daily Mail then proceeds to make some statements that are deliberately inflaming and a distortion of reality.

The man was reportedly allowed to drive away from the scene.

Allowed to drive away by who?  The police?  I didn’t see a single cop anywhere in that scene.  I’m pretty sure most of them were busy else where controlling a riot.  Should the police have detained the man?  How about the rioters?  They “allowed” him to drive away, but they had no authority to keep him from driving away in the first place.  By blocking his leaving the scene, they were engaged in criminal activity.

Although open carry is legal in North Carolina, it is illegal to openly carry a gun at a protest.  The law states:  ‘You may not carry a weapon at a parade, funeral procession, picket line, or other demonstration, except for guns carried on a rack in a pickup truck.   ‘You may not carry a weapon during civil disorder, riot, or other disturbance involving three or more people.’ 

That is true, not just in NC, but in most states.  The idea being, you can’t take a gun to a riot.  Makes sense.  But this is irrelevant if the riot comes to you.  I don’t know all the facts about what happened here, but from everything else I read about how many other people were trapped in cars surrounded by protesters; I am going to assume that this man was trying to get away from the protest and was not part of it.  If that is the case, he didn’t go to the protest with a gun.  He had a gun and the protest found him.

‘I wish no ill on anyone. I just want the truth out. I want people to recognize that racism exists, it’s real, and it has real consequences.’ [Heather Head]

So racism is the reason this man did what he did?  Not wanting to become the Charlotte version of Reginald Denny wasn’t it?  It is now racist to not want to be beat, perhaps to death, by rioting BLM activists?  I severely doubt that “you are a racist for not letting a black man vent his anger from a history of systematic oppression by kicking in your skull” will fly as an argument for all but the most ardent progressives.

This happened the same night and not far from where the “white man in a car with a gun” incident occurred (original video is unavailable):

Some might argue that what the guy in the car did was brandishing, and therefore illegal.  Given the circumstances, I think (again, I’m not a lawyer and I’m not giving advice) was the best possible outcome.  The way I see it.  The threat to the man was real.  Had he followed Glenn Reynolds advice, people would have gotten hurt.


This way, the man got away without anybody being injured or killed, except maybe for some crybully butt-hurt.  The presence of the gun deescalated the situation by making the rioters back off.

I think the only thing that the man did that was wrong was to stick the gun out the window.  That increased the risk it could have been taken from him.  I would have kept my window up in that situation.  Then again, my windows aren’t tinted.

This was (again, I’m not a lawyer) a valid defensive gun use, even though no shots were fired.  A potentially deadly situation was averted.  But of course, the media can’t spin in like that.

Personally, I’d rather have to flash my piece from inside my truck than have to power wash rioter off of a winch bumper.

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  1. “Personally, I’d rather have to flash my piece from inside my truck than have to power wash rioter off of a winch bumper.”

    Oh, I don’t know, I’ve got a pretty good power washer.

    Seriously, in his position, I would have done the same thing. Probably without sticking the gun out the window. Of course I might fire for effect as we called it in the arty unit. There are two lines to memorize, each with the seven magic words.

    “I was in fear for my life.”
    “I need to speak to a attorney”.

    Those will save you a lot of problems later on. In a shit situation like that could be, the best defense after the fact is to keep your mouth shut. The jail sentence you avoid could be your own.


  2. “Allowed to drive away by who? The police? I didn’t see a single cop anywhere in that scene.”

    About 22 seconds in you can see 3, maybe 4 bicycle cops roll up. One goes to the drivers’ door, one stays at the rear of the vehicle, one goes on the passenger side. There might be a fourth that shows up or it could be that the one that goes to the rear of the vehicle merely backs off a little bit.

    So yes, he was allowed to drive away by the cops who were doing absolutely nothing to stop the situation until he pulled out his gun.


  3. After “I was in fear for my life” add “I acted in self defense”

    Also, one of the big post-analysis lessons from George Zimmerman was “Don’t get out of your vehicle.”


    1. What a piece of nonsense. You clearly have no understanding of the Zimmerman situation. It is in no way related to a mob blocking a highways. Sheesh.


  4. “The attitude of the protesters suddenly shifts to crybully victim. They were fine being the ones in power, being aggressive and threatening. The second they found out that their intended victim was willing to fight back, they decided it wasn’t fair.”

    This right here! Funny how that happens, huh?


  5. Amen. I see no wrong done on the part of the guy in the vehicle (other than, perhaps, stay away from protests/riots….although, with the way those tend to move and flow, it may be very difficult to do, as you may think you’re a half-dozen blocks from the fracas when it suddenly appears around your vehicle).


  6. You are absolutely correct. Its obvious that the terrorist group “black lives matter (BLM)” is gaining more power as a terrorist organization. Right now they are testing their muscles in cities where the local police chief is a negro and the city politics are leftist. For threatening and beating white people, destroying property and parading their demands FOR BEING ABOVE THE LAW, they are getting all kinds of benefits. The media loves them as does the Clinton one-party federal government, the anti-white DOJ immediately gets involved in BLM riot cases and they side with BLM against local governments, the BLM proves again and again that coercive threats and actual violence (the BLM advocates murder of white people) is a winning hand as the concessions and payoffs they obtain as benefits from rioting constitute an unbroken line of victory. BLM is allowed to commit race crimes without prosecution. That is the most criminal aspect of their terror. The DOJ is immediately on the spot to squash any thoughts of public prosecution for BLM rioting, violence and murder. So the racist double standard is clearly defined. White people are held nose down on their knees are “racists” with every type of “legal” issue hanging over the. Negroes are allowed to commit every race crime imaginable including murder, and get away with it.
    White people must organize to protect their own rights and demand equal protection under the law.



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