There is always one in bunch.

I am watching the Gun Rights Policy Conference and I was good with most of it, till somebody had to come up and fuck up the mood. One of the speakers was Cody Wilson of the 3D printed gun fame and he uttered a statement that left me cold:

The United States is a Communist Country.

OK, Cody, I know you are rightfully pissed at the government for all the legal bullshit against your 3D Gun, but labeling the country as communist is just plain stupid. Let me tell you why:

  1. It is an insult to all those who have actually lived in communists countries, escaped and chose the USA because it is not a communist country.  You may want to ask Oleg Volk about it or just maybe, step outside the fucking hotel and ask some people on the street. Why? Because you are in Tampa, the city with the second biggest concentration of Cuban refugees in South Florida. They may tell you a tale or two about communism.
  2. It makes you look stupid and just trying to spread your butthurt. Do you really think that a communist state would let a conference like this to even be planned, much less allowed to happen? Grow up or go spend a year in Venezuela and then come back and tell me we live in a communist country.

We do not lie, We do not exaggerate. That is what Gun Control does.

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  1. I’ve heard the argument before and it does have a shred of merit. As far as public policies go, The US provides as much if not more money to ‘public aid’ than most Communist countries ever did. All ‘Property’ is defacto owned by the gov’t. (don’t pay your taxes and they take it). Adding up all taxes you end up paying and it’s a huge percentage, closer to the Soviet Union than what we had back in 1900. Universal, gov’t directed education. The size of the Gov’t has expanded exponentially taking more control of every aspect of society from food and fuel production to wanting the internet

    As far as the historically connected secret police and full out authoritarianism… not quite yet but the infrastructure is there. NSA, secret courts, armed beaurocrats, and people willing to go along w/ it as long as they get their bread and circuses (or McDonalds and American Idol in our case).


    1. Every government has the infrastructure and assholes to go totalitarian. The issues, Can they? The moment they stop fearing us, the moment everything goes to shit.
      We hold the edge that we can kill more of them than they can kill more of us. It is that cruelly simple.
      And again, no. We are not a communist country.


  2. We’re not communist, but like Thirdpower said, the framework is there.

    That being said, I would have used a different word than ‘communist’ if I were Cody. I understand he’s pissed because the courts won’t let him put up the designs again, but even in a moment of anger, you gotta choose your words carefully. I would have said ‘authoritarian’.

    Anyways, I understand he’s fighting on principle, because the plans are out there anyways and anyone can obtain them…



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