Every government has the infrastructure and power-hungry idiots to go totalitarian.

I wanted to expand on a comment reply I made on an earlier post.

Every government has the infrastructure and assholes to go totalitarian. The issue is, can they?

Let’s get thing right out of the gate: People have tried to transform the US into a communist country since Marx published his damned book. What has made us different from other places where it has succeeded? It has been parts of ruthlessness by the government at the time that saw the earlier approaches as a threat to their power. Anarchists were not treated nicely and were promptly dispatched. And please, don’t come to me with the “Damn it! Anarchism was never about communism!” yes, they were either tools or the theme was used as cloak by communists.

But communism is only a part of the movement to go totalitarian and  it is the whole concept the one I want to address. It does not matter if it is chocolate or vanilla coating, the cyanide pill will kill you just the same. They have been trying to push that pill down our throats, but failed so far. why? Partially responsible is the system of check and balances we are supposed to have. Partially is what it is known as American Exceptionalism which not only encompasses the “can-do” attitude with our irreverence towards political figures and the government. Yes, we will do our duty but no, we do not trust you. Eff You.

And what I think is the pin on the grenade?

“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”
John Basil Barnhill.

And boy, they are scared of us Gun-Toting “rednecks” of many colors, religions and pleasures. You see, in order to enjoy the fruits of power, you need to live long enough. A population that can kill you throws a monkey wrench in the plans. If you check the constitutions of other countries, you will see they are very similar to ours. But they all lack one small item, the Second Amendment.

The French Revolution gave the world the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen which is touted to be the greatest document in modern history by the Intelligentsia. It has basically articles from our Constitution plus the usual European crap… but no right to arms. In fact they state:

Article XII – The guarantee of the rights of man and of the citizen necessitates a public force: this force is thus instituted for the advantage of all and not for the particular utility of those in whom it is trusted.

Although noble-sounding, the sad true is that it enshrines the government with the exclusivity of enforcing right which unfortunately are no longer rights but privileges.  The Government remains with the Monopoly on Killing and at any time they wish, they can become unopposed tyrannies. The French rapidly tasted this as the Declaration was published in 1793 but by 1799 they were under the thumb of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is what happens when people are told they are not part of the check and balances nor allowed to have the tools to do so. Government has the power to kill, it does so to set example and create terror and people are afraid because they cannot respond effectively.The constitutions and laws that were passed and allegedly guaranteed the rights of everybody, can be manipulated or simply ignored by the ruling class. Oh sure, you can go to court, but more likely than not, the judges will be either part of the same cabal or too scared not to follow the instructions from above. And if you become a nuisance, you get that call at 3:00 AM by the internal security forces “inviting” you to their HQ to have a conversation and perhaps never to be seen again. And that is how a very small minority can become tyrants. They do not fear retribution from their acts because they do not fear the population.

An armed populace is the ultimate check and balance.  Those in power can seek, plan and perform their takeover, but they will not live to enjoy it. Harsh? Bloody? Insurrectionist? You bet your ass. This is the country who went to war and lost half a million citizens because a minority was enslaved. Trying to get the whole country under chains? It would be a bloodbath not seen since the great battles of WWI . On the good side, it wouldn’t be long. Tyrants like to take the first plane out to a country without extradition.

And if you think I am “tin-foiling” hats or living in a fantasy world, I will remind you of the nastiest and most controlling internal security agency ever created to control the citizens of a country: The Stasi.  They reigned with efficient terror for forty years, they had half of all communications in East Germany intercepted, and they were methodical, brutal and heartless in dealing with the “enemies of the State.” The moment the people in East Germany lost their fear, they collapsed in months.

What would happen in the US? Shooting would start on a Monday, clean up by Thursday and BBQ at the Washington Mall by the weekend. Back to work next Monday.

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  1. We have a political party hell bent on disarming us. Nefarious deeds would be sure to follow, if successful. I still think a substantial portion would say that it is the redline that can not be crossed and actually mean it. It would be the Second American Civil War and we know who will win. That is the strongest argument one can make to vote against the Hildabeast.



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