Moms Demand not having a good weekend.

As usual, the moment they heard about the shooting at the Washington Mall, they went full potato.


But as it happens Arcan Cetin* was a nationalised Turkish national prohibited from owning firearms at his tender age:

Skagit County court records show Cetin has a criminal record that included three domestic-violence assault charges in both Burlington and Island County, with the victim identified as Cetin’s stepfather.
It’s clear from the court docket that Cetin was struggling with emotional or mental health issues, and that the court, prosecutors office and defense team were trying to get him help.

Island County District Court records show that Cetin was told by a judge on Dec. 29 that he was not to possess a firearm.

However, Cetin’s stepfather urged the judge not to impose a no-contact order, saying his stepson was “going through a hard time” and that he couldn’t help him with the order in place.
Suspect in mall shooting was socially awkward, troubled, former classmates and others say. – The Seattle Times.

And where did this moron got his gun anyway?

Law enforcement sources tell KING 5 Cetin was in possession of three guns Friday night. All of them were legally purchased, but Cetin stole them from his father.The weapon used Friday night was a .22 Ruger, according to law enforcement.

Source: Suspect arrested in Cascade Mall shooting; attack may have been random |
But wait! There is more! His history of domestic violence was against the parents and a no-contact order was issued. His father requested a judge to remove the no-contact order:

On Dec. 2, 2014, court records show Cetin’s parents were present for a hearing to lift the no-contact requirement. A prosecutor asked about firearms, and Cetin’s mother said those were removed, according to court records. A day later at a separate hearing, a judge granted a motion to cancel the no-contact order.

Source: Arcan Cetin: What to know about Burlington mall shooting suspect | KIRO-TV

So once again, we have a prohibited person with a history of violence illegally obtaining a weapon from the family who stated in court they had none and went on to kill innocent people. So much for that promise they made about background checks and domestic violence restrictions stopping this events from ever happening again.


*I publish the name of the asshole shooters because people abhors informational vacuum and the opposition loves to fill it with our names and organizations for their political purposes. Honor is a concept they are unaware it exists.

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  1. Amy Camacho’s comment confuses me.

    Is it that cops and CCWers are racist and shoot dark skin people on sight and that’s bad?

    Or since cops/CCWers are racist and shoot dark skin people on sight that’s good because this tragedy would have been averted?

    It seems she’s trying to hard to make people she doesn’t like fit into the mold of racist that she hasn’t thought out what she’s trying to communicate.

    I’m not going to give her the benefit of the doubt and choose to believe that she secretly loves racial profiling and this was a Freudian slip.



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