Tampa Bay Times is against Legal preparation for gun owners, but it is OK for them

An emerging industry that offers instructions to members for responding to police after they shoot someone, liability coverage and legal advice fuels a shoot-first mentality. With names like U.S. Concealed Carry and Second Call Defense, these membership groups provide advice like this nugget for calling 911 after a shooting: “I was attacked and was forced to defend myself. Please send the police and an ambulance.” Then there is: “Call the USCCA to initiate your Self-Defense Shield.”Translation: Don’t worry about reaching for your gun because if you follow our instructions we will help you get away with killing someone.

Source: Editorial: Florida’s land of fun, sun and guns | Tampa Bay Times

Don’t you get it! It means premeditation! Only people who have premeditation at heart, have legal advice and lawyers on speed dial.

I do love when newspaper editorials are this hypocrite, specially from a newspaper that got sued for libel and had to settle out of court. But that does not mean they have an expensive law firm in retainer, right? On a document related to the libel lawsuit, we find the firm of Rahdert, Steele, Reynolds & Driscoll representing the Tampa Bay Times and specifically George K. Rahdert & Alison M. Steele.



See? You as a gun owner should not be ready to defend yourself with guns or lawyers, that is heresy, that does not happen in civilized states up North or in civilized European countries.  However, Tampa Bay Tribune as your Better has the right to have legal advice (and I bet not for free) 24/7.

And the editorial board does not see the cognitive dissonance anywhere.


4 Replies to “Tampa Bay Times is against Legal preparation for gun owners, but it is OK for them”

  1. My dad was an attorney. One thing he hated was how police and court procedural shows ALWAYS made calling your lawyer tantamount to admitting guilt. Only guilty people call lawyers. Innocent people can explain their way out of it.

    Just like how if you don’t consent to a search it’s because you have something to hide.

    This is pop culture tv lawyer advice not real legal advice.


  2. But yet cops all have their union reps on speed dial, as well as procedures on what to do after a shooting committed to memory. Cops are citizens, and have enhanced legal procedures (for free) for when they shoot someone. Why normal citizens doing this is “wrong”, is beyond me?


  3. The funny thing is that yes, self defense is premeditation. “I considered my circumstances, realized that innocent life was in danger, and acted accordingly.” It’s called “affirmative defense”…

    But choosing to carry a gun, and retaining the services of a lawyer, isn’t what makes this premeditation. These things are just precautions taken, just in case pre-meditated self defense happens….



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