Florida Crime report.

The FBI released the  2015 stats and as predicted, the number of murders are up and by a significant percentage, 10.8%.  I went to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’ website to get their report and the Gunshine state had also an uptick from 5.0 per 100K to 5.2 per 100K: A whole 0.2!

Except for three years, Florida has kept the murder rate under 5.5 per 100K in the 21st Century. The average (if my math has not failed) is holding at 5.44 while the population went up by 3,483,444 souls. Aggravated Assaults went up from 298.7 per 100K in 2014 to 305.5 per 100K in 2015 but it is the third lowest number in the last 15 years with 2014 and 2014 occupying first and second place.

Sex offenses went up from 52.5 per 100K to 54.2 per 100K. By the report, you may want to take it that we have experienced a big drop during this century, but since the FBI implement the new definition for rape and instituted it in 2013, I am not sure how that affected the numbers, so I won’t guess. Anyway, they are still too many and I do believe rapist should be dropped off in the middle of the Everglades… from at least 1,000 feet up from a helicopter.

Let’s hope the numbers keep or even descend in the Gunshine State.

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  1. IL hasn’t released a UCR in years because they’re not in compliance w/ FBI standards. I guess all the crimes Chicago has been mis-categorizing or not filing have something to do w/ it.



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