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I saw this comment by Mr Greg Brooks:


This really pissed me off.  As someone who works in the business of guns, I can assure you I do work.  As someone whose family owns a small business in retail and food service, I really can assure you that small business owners work, and work hard.  Small business ownership is the bedrock of the middle class and is responsible for 89.6% of the US economy.  But sure, shut them down.  Make them forfeit their inventory, their livelihood, their life’s work; bankrupt them, make them homeless, leave them without health insurance.  Believe me, when a small business goes under, the ramifications for the owners is devastating, not something you just walk away from.

Why would Mr. Brooks call for so much economic damage to be done to so many people by way of unjust government action?  He doesn’t like what they sell.  What a petty tyrant he is.

So I hopped over to Mr. Brooks Facebook page, and it seems he is obsessed with hating the NRA.


Seems that Mr. Brooks is not a fan of the 1st Amendment either.  I don’t know what ad he is talking about.  However, from the debate Hillary said this:

And I believe strongly that commonsense gun safety measures would assist us. Right now — and this is something Donald has supported, along with the gun lobby — right now, we’ve got too many military- style weapons on the streets. In a lot of places, our police are outgunned. We need comprehensive background checks, and we need to keep guns out of the hands of those who will do harm.

Admittedly, she didn’t call for a ban.  Maybe I’m reading a little too much between the lines, but saying “we’ve got too many military- style weapons on the streets” implies that she is going to reduce that number… hence, maybe a ban.

But running a campaign ad attacking Hillary, that’s not allowed.  That’s going to have to be stopped by this petty tyrant.

So I scroll down some more and see, once again, Mr. Brook reflexive desire to use government force to punish people he disagrees with.


The 2nd Amendment is out, the 1st Amendment is out, so why not throw out the 4th Amendment too and just engage in some seizure of private property against a group he disagrees with.

I figured like many a petty tyrant, he’s happy to have the government do his dirty work for him.  But as it turns out, he can be pretty violent himself.  Mr. Brooks posted a video of himself destroying a CCW class sign that was posted, and throwing the pieces of the sign off a bridge.


Not just is he a petty tyrant, he is his own gestapo.

He then goes on to post bad legal advice where he advocates going into people’s yards and taking down political signs he disagrees with, claiming it is public property.  I know Alabama is not Ohio, but if I followed Mr. Brook’s bad legal advice and measured the public road in front of my house this way, public land is half way up my front walk to my door, so something about what he says seems wrong.


So after posting how the NRA should be sued for a campaign ad, himself destroying someone else’s sign, and then advocating tearing down other people’s political signs, he posts this.


See, his speech is free.  Yours is not.  Don’t ever forget that.

Finally I had enough of this guy’s total and complete hypocracy.

First this:


Sure, the gun rights supporter has no empathy, but Mr. Brooks is happy to beat up people he who he disagrees with on the issue of gun control.

Then this:


My ownership of guns for personal defense is owning guns for the wrong reason, but don’t mess with Mr. Brooks because he has guns – and it’s implied that he will protect himself with them.

Looking through this man’s timeline, he is an angry person, filled with a lot of hate for gun owners, the City of Cincinnati, and a lot of the people he’s worked with over the years.  He thinks of himself as a good man, even though he loves to talk about beating up people he can’t see eye to eye with on certain political issues.  He loves posting “legalize marijuana” signs everywhere, but if you post a gun friendly sign, he’s taking it down.  He considers himself to be a great engineer, but seems to get fired a lot.

All in all, he’s  perfect example of the type of person we are up against.  A terrible, hypocritical,  petty tyrant.



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    1. I did some digging. In Ohio you cannot place signs of any kind on public right of ways. A right of way in a residential area is the sidewalk and grass between the sidewalk and the street. If there is no sidewalk, it is 6 feet from the curb.

      It is still against the law to take a sign, an unauthorized sign is to be identified to the ODOT and they will have it removed. You most certainly can’t just take the Trump signs and leave the Hillary ones. If a sign is inside the sidewalk or more than 6 feet from the curb it is on private property. If you go 10 feet into someone’s yard for their sign, you are trespassing.

      Also it is considered a dick move to steal signs.


  1. Most anti gunners project their worries onto pro gunners about “getting angry and shooting someone”, mr Greg here is likely to see an open carrier, go to grab the gun out of anger and then get shot


    1. It becomes a circular argument as they use their ‘virtue’ to justify their bad behavior.
      e.g. “Oh yeah? YOU support Trump/belong to the NRA, which means YOU want to starve old people/murder children/bring back lynching (works for either one), so I don’t think there’s a problem with ME pulling up a sign/keying your car/SWATing you at 3 AM!”


  2. Did I read that wrong, or does his post on taking the CCW class sign down read, “Took this sign down from my pubic space….”? And we’re the ones subliminally obsessed with genitalia?

    Nobody ever said Markley’s Law can’t cut both ways!



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