Book Review: Brushfire Plague – Retribution by R.P. Ruggiero.

(click here for my review of Brushfire Plague and here for Brushfire Plague – Reckoning.)


As it states in the cover, it is the final book of the trilogy and a fitting conclusion to the story. It is a much darker book that the previous two and we are talking about an End of the World story here. Instead of action (don’t worry, you still get plenty) you get to observe the toll that leadership and honor can inflict on a man. Cooper Adams is taxed with his responsibility as a leader of the revolt, as a man and as a father. To coin a phrase, the weight of the surviving country rests on his shoulders and he might fail as he fear his son is becoming a psychopath and is torn by his impulses.

Not giving away the end, but R.P. did not disappointed me with a trite ending. So, the book (and the trilogy) gets my unimportant seal of approval.

The first book in the Brushfire series is available in Amazon Kindle for a whole $0.99 (yes, R.P.’s evil way to get you hooked.) Also available in old school, dead tree format which is the way it will survive the End of the World 🙂 Go buy some books so we can get R.P. to write some more.


(Disclaimer: R.P. has sent me his books for review free of charge. The reviews I give are because I like the book or at least deem it important to read. I have received other books that will not appear in the blog because I was not particularly fond of them but considered that a bad review was not constructive. If I have to pay for the book and sucks, all bets are off.)

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