They are coming….

These are the enlightened people:

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Any semblance of basic respect is done and buried. It is now not only OK to thwart political speech that is not approved, you can go full brown-shirt and attack people who are in the other side of the political field as long as you belong to the right (left) political party.
Don’t get me wrong. If they catch these idiots, the “full” process of the law will be applied and a slight slap on the wrist will be all that the “yutes” will get, but appearances will be covered with a slight of watercolor legality to claim justice was made.

More of this is what we will have to expect from a Democrat on the White House. If you thought Obama was a petty and resentful asshole, imagine Hillary, her long history of dying friends and imagine what will she do to her enemies.

And she has declared us her enemies.

5 Replies to “They are coming….”

  1. Down the road from me live a full blown liberal couple,both retired from corporate company’s they now hate..back in 2008 they had a bunch of Democrat signs out that got vadilized. I was listening to our local non npr talk radio show and heard them whining about it. As I was cleaning up 17 destroyed mcain/Palin signs someone dumped in the ditchin the ditch a mile from their house. Ain’t nothing new folks, people just dumber now.

  2. I was going to try to write something pithy about this campaign season and then I remembered I’m not up to that task.

    I’m voting against the rioters in San Jose. That vote isn’t for the cheeto, it just looks that way. I don’t like being threatened, and attacking the trumpkins in San Jose is threatening me, and I react the only way a contrarian like me can, I do what you say I can’t. Harder.

  3. Someone should thank them for being such good fundraisers for Trump. No one is going to change their mind if their Trump yard sign is stolen, and most people will react angrily by buying another sign or maybe two, which pours more money into the Trump campaign.

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