The Bible, Guns And Self-Defense 

But one would have to be completely illiterate of dozens of Biblical passages to suggest that God opposes the concept of people possessing and using weapons. I’d like to highlight just a few such passages that not only establish clear examples of the concept of self-defense, but more importantly, they teach a principle any responsible person should incorporate into their own lives. The stories of Esther and Nehemiah both highlight the principle of self-defense and how these two individuals, greatly used by God, would not have prevailed, but for the role of weapons, and the personal ownership and use of arms by ordinary citizens.

Source: The Bible, Guns And Self-Defense – And Response (2) –

We are getting less and less Anti Gunners using religion as an excuse for Gun Control. I have covered this before, but this article is well written and another round of mental ammunition to use against the pharisees.


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