About the clown situation…

We don’t trick, we don treat. We thirty ought six.”

I lost it right there…

And they ain’t kidding:


I wonder what broadhead for clown….

5 Replies to “About the clown situation…”

  1. I’m not a fan of hunting clowns. They taste funny, and who would want to have that head stuffed and mounted on their wall? On the other side of the coin, it does keep the population down, and they are less likely to starve or turn mime.


  2. Looking at the picture, that seems to be a standard American Clown or Bozous Ringlingus. They are creepy but mostly harmless. The truly dangerous ones are the Psychotic Clown or Bozous Pennywiseus. They look very much the same but have slightly different dentician and facial markings. That is how the Pennywiseus hunts. Luring its victims in pretending to be a Ringlingus, before striking.

    Recently however, we’ve seen an influx of the European Clown or Bouffonus Soleilus. They are a distant relative to the Bozous variety. Less creepy and more weird. The Soleilus has been seen migrating across the US. There have been reports of sub species of the Soleilus in captivity in the Las Vegas region. This is the European Erotic Clown or Bouffonus Soleilus Pervertus. God help us if these get loose. If they do they should be considered an invasive species with no bag limit and be shot on sight.



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