Spherical women in a vacuum

Amber Rose is on this season of Dancing with the Stars.  My wife watches the show.  This revelation that, that tattooed monstrosity (a comment on the quality of her character) lead to a fairly intense discussion with my wife.

I loathe this woman.

She started life, if you will, as a stripper at age 15.  Nothing says budding moral superior like risking other people’s businesses and livelihoods by illegally showing your underage ta-tas.  She was “discovered” (hint: started screwing) Kanye West when she was a background extra in a music video.

The modern world, being the Kafkaesque dystopian hell hole that it is, once you start making the beast with two back with a hip hop star, the world becomes your oyster and you get elevated to the position of wise, moral authority.

Amber Rose managed to leverage being the derriere that Kanye West parked his manhood into being (according to her book) a “renown model, actress, pop-culture maven, and self proclaimed ‘bad bitch'” as well as fashion designer and entrepreneur:

Filled with expert advice and personal anecdotes, How to Be a Bad Bitch covers finances, career, love, beauty, and fashion while emphasizing confidence, positive self-acceptance, and authenticity.

If the first chapter of her book isn’t titled “How to get famous by f**king a rapper” than she is doing a disservice to her readers.  The sequel will be co-authored by Kim Kardashian.

Among the absolute worst examples of her accolades and qualifications, earned for engaging in coitus with the most embarrassing thing to happen in the history of the VMAs is a to be recognized as a paragon of virtue on the matters of sexual empowerment and rape.

Amber Rose created a foundation to sponsor Slut Walks.  The stated purposed of this foundation and its Slut Walks is:

The Amber Rose Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote discussion about women’s rights and equality issues. The foundation is specifically geared towards women empowerment and fighting against victim blaming. 

She, and the other women that participate in these walks, do this by going completely insane in public.  The Other McCain and Zombietime (2012, 2011) have covered previous Slut Walks.  They make no sense.  No rational mind is able to comprehend the mass of contradictions that goes on at one of those events.  I’m not going to even try and break it down for you because I don’t want to give myself brain damage.  You can read the Washington Post’s attempt at explaining the Amber Rose trademarked variety of Slut Walk and fail miserably.

The particular bone I have to pick with with Slut Walks in general and Amber Rose’s variety in particular is on the issue of victim blaming.  The modern, third wave feminist definition of victim blaming seeks to separate the victim of a crime (for all intents and purposes, rape and sexual assault) from ANY personal responsibility.  Even suggesting in the slightest that women should be mindful of their situation and act accordingly is woman hating misogyny.

This is at this point that the brand of feminists that push this belief go from being an ideological danger to women and start posing a real, physical danger to women.

I will agree, that in a ideal, perfect world, a woman can wear whatever she wants, get drunk, stumble down a dark alley, take off all of her clothes, and pass out drunk on a park bench with her legs spread, and wake up the next morning entirely unmolested.

There is a joke about a theoretical physicist that helps a dairy farmer and comes up with a solution to the farmer’s problem, but it only works for – the punchline – “spherical cows in a vacuum.”  For those of you who don’t get the joke, is an idea system in which there are no variables other than what the person who is modeling the system wants to include.  The heart of the joke is that there is no ideal system in the real world and the model will fail to accurately help the dairy farmer.

So back to Slut Walks and victim blaming… there is no ideal world.  Evil exists.  The solution to rape is not as simple as the sign below suggests.


The “don’t tell me how to dress” seems to be a little bit of a red herring.  Usually the suggestions to women on how to avoid being the victims of sexual assault include: don’t get drunk around strangers, don’t accept a drink from a person you don’t know, avoid walking alone in certain areas or at certain times of day, etc.  Mostly things that the CCW/tactical community would list as being situational awareness.  This is still considered to be victim blaming.

Let me make this clear.  No one can control the behavior of anybody but themselves.  Evil exists in this world.  Mass shootings are universally condemned in the West, yet they still happen.  Children are taught from a young age not to hit, but the knockout game exists.  There are people who will commit egregious acts against others if they believe that they can get away with it.

The message to women from Slut Walks is that they should let down their guard and turn a blind eye to the presence of evil in this world, because we should remind those who seek to do evil that they shouldn’t do it.  This is disastrously naive.  In an ideal, perfect world, this might be effective.  But in a world where women are not spheres traveling in a vacuum, all this does is embolden women to put themselves at risk.  Being situationally aware is not victim blaming.

There have been several sexual assaults on the AAMU campus in recent weeks.  I would never blame a woman for being assaulted by three masked men with a gun.  Those men should not be committing such horrible crimes.  However, it’s not victim blaming to say “Ladies, this real and tangible threat exists, for your own safety, avoid being alone on campus after dark until after these men are arrested.  Travel with a friend, boyfriend, battle buddy.  Stay safe, minimize your risk.”

To call the above statement victim blaming means that people should put all the responsibility for their safety into the hands of others.

The ultimate illogic of this way of thinking is best illustrated by the overall message of these Slut Walks:

All men are (potential) rapists who need to learn to control their lust.  The nebulous concept of “the patriarchy” oppresses women and creates a rape culture.  Despite that half the population is posed to rape at a moment’s notice and be glorified for doing it,  women should not put any effort into protecting themselves in any meaningful way.  The best way to combat rape is by having a stripper who got famous for boning a rapper have a bunch of women march around in their underwear carrying nonsensical signs.

To a rational person, all this seems to do is insult decent men who don’t and won’t rape, and have women expose themselves to danger by denying the fact that evil exists and some small percent of people will do terrible things, no matter what the law say, let alone any hand lettered sign.


SJW Feminist: “You shouldn’t rape me because of what I’m wearing.”

Normal man: “You are right.”

SJW Feminist: “Read my angry sign and stop taking part in rape culture.”

Rapist: *rapes anyway, because if a potential felony conviction won’t stop him, nothing scribbled on a poster board will either.*


It’s been obvious for a long time that Social Justice Warriors are not rational people, but this insanity goes far beyond insulting people on line and will cause actual harm.


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  1. In an ideal, just world, a woman could walk down any street in any neighborhood stark naked with a fistful of hundred-dollar bills and be perfectly safe. Unfortunately . . .
    People who don’t recognize reality tend to get bitten by it.



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