Missed it by that much

I was going to start a post about Cocks Not Glocks getting invited to the White House by a group called DoSomething.org.  I was going to rant on about how this is just the current administration spitting in our faces.  Cocks Not Glocks is an organization that makes no lucid points, does noting but mock concealed carry in the most sophomoric way, and contributes nothing positive to the dialog about guns.

Then I went to the Cocks Not Glocks Facebook page to see if they posted anything more about their trip to DC.

This is the first post that I saw:



That’s it.  That’s the whole argument for women to carry a gun.  Right there.

But they don’t get it.  It shot right by them.  They are trying to mock Trump using a flag associated with the Right Wing/Tea Party.  It’s not sinking in.

The Gadsden flag is field of yellow, embellished with a Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake.  The words on it are DONT TREAD ON ME.

The Eastern Diamondback is a dangerous snake.  It is known to strike without rattling, and if threatened can and will strike repeatedly.  Although its venom is not the most toxic venom of American snakes, it makes up for that by delivering the largest venom load of any American Snake.

The message is quite clear: if you oppress me, I will kill you.  It is a threat.  It is promise of death.

The message of the Cocks Not Glocks flag is exactly the same: grab my pussy and you will die.

This is a sentiment that I, as an advocate for concealed carry, fully and unequivocally  endorse.  I would use this flag to advertise a woman’s CCW course.

But Cocks Not Glocks is anti concealed carry.  They can’t back up their statement.  Their people cannot deliver meaningful violence against someone that grabs their pussies.  They are disarmed.  They are have no fangs and no venom to deliver.

They post a picture that shows a complete understanding of the value of concealed carry but fight against the right to concealed carry.  The mental stress from the cognitive dissonance of trying to understand this post has me literally shaking and twitching.

They are so close to enlightenment they can almost taste but are too ideologically dense for it to sink in.  It is madness.

5 Replies to “Missed it by that much”

  1. Agreed, being disarmed is not a virtue; it makes you a victim.

    We are dealing with ignorant (they refuse to learn even the most basic ideas about firearms and laws) and childish (seriously, dildos…) opponents.

    Then they demand that armed people listen to them and obey them. One reason why people are armed is so that they cannot be coerced. Maybe if they all got together and pouted extra hard we would listen to them. Naw, we wouldn’t.



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