Movie: American Bystander.

According to IMDB:

After losing his wife in a theater shooting, Hopper ends up living on the streets of Denver, where he meets a grifter named Ella. Together they fight a corrupt policeman and Hopper’s resurfacing demons, as his wife’s killer goes to trial.


Does the background of the plot sound familiar? I knew it would.

The film’s central character, Hopper, loses his wife in the theater shooting and his life quickly spins out of control. He eventually finds himself living on the streets of Denver. Told from the perspective of the homeless community that Hopper surrounds himself with, this fictional tale explores some of today’s most volatile issues: homelessness, police brutality, gun control, gay rights, the death penalty, and the abuse of power. Gabriel Dohrn, Writer and Director states, “While many films about social issues take a side or make a statement, I just want to start conversations. With much of the media polarizing various social issues, I want to humanize them. In this film we experience the homeless characters’ lives and their struggles, and suddenly it seems we have much more in common with them than we thought.”
Source: American Bystander Makes its World Premier at Oaxaca FilmFest – Press Release – Digital Journal

I have no idea why would the director include all that on a fantasy reproduction of the Aurora Theater massacre, but it is his movie and he can do what he pleases with it. But we know where he stands:

The film’s Director and Producer aim to support local Denver charities by donating 100% of the proceeds from American Bystander to Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

I think I am gonna pass on this one. Pass the word, no monies for the enemy.

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