The deadly hypocrisy of Shannon Watts.

But the NRA’s marketing is based on a false narrative that most sexual predators are strangers jumping out of the bushes and attacking women. In fact, most victims of sexual violence (three out of four) are attacked by someone they know, according to RAINN. Forty-three percent of rapes are perpetrated by a friend or acquaintance, and 27 percent are perpetrated by a current or former spouse or significant other, according to RAINN.
The idea that women are going to be armed to the teeth to fend off people they know is absurd, and places the onus on the victim to be “at the ready” at all times. That’s not the way American women want to live our lives, and it actually increases the likelihood we’ll be shot. One recent study found that if someone is in possession of a firearm when attacked, they are four times more likely to be shot during the assault.

Source: Note To Trump: Like Gun Violence, Misogyny Is Deadly | Huffington Post

Next to my “He should be executed by letting worms infest his flesh while alive” list of offenders, rapist and women beaters come second only to child molesters. It infuriates me just to start writing this post, but I have to do it because it is people like Shannon Watts and the rest of the Gun Control community who are direct accomplices in the systematic abuse and death of women in bad relationships.

Yes, they are accomplices. Harsh? Not one bit if you see that never give a real helpful solution and only talk about about the restraining orders and women having to dismantle their lives going into hiding for the rest of their lives…if they survive. Shannon Watts should be forced to stop the fist of a drunken husband with a printed form for restraining order so she can taste in her own mouth the futility of such imbecility.

And she is also accomplice in the second round of abuse that an abused women is to face still in many states if she chooses to defend herself by any means: Prosecution and in all probability a prison sentence. In case after case of a woman defending herself from an abusive husband or boyfriend (or exes) women will be treated as if they were some sort of black widows who need to be put away the soonest instead of the victims of a monster they had the bad luck to enter in a relationship. If she is lucky, she will survive but be investigated for months and months, her life at the mercy of the police and the district attorney until they make a decision. Only very few cases ended up where a woman is found not guilty and still goes to prison because gun laws in her state did not allow her to have the tool she used to defend herself or perhaps just loses years behind bars before she is finally found not guilty. It is unfortunate, but in this aspect, some jurisdictions in the US are no better than Sharia law countries like Iran. And Gun Control activists like Shannon Watts are right there casting the stones to the “whore” because a woman successfully defending herself is less cash coming into her coffers and less fame she can bask on. Shannon Watts states that:

The idea that women are going to be armed to the teeth to fend off people they know is absurd…

Except when it happens. She won’t tell you of cases like Mary Robinson’s who saved her life from imminent death because she happened to be armed and used her gun to stop her husband. But there is a bit of good news, more police departments are not charging women who righteously defend themselves, but they are mostly in “dumb redneck states” like Alabama where a boyfriend found the hard way it does not pay to attack an armed woman or in Texas where a woman took affront of her ex-boyfriend kicking the door in before sunrise and uninvited.

In sophisticated places like New York (Home to Everytown for Gun Safety, AKA Mom Demand’s Pimp HQ), the story is different:

A 31-year-old woman stabbed her longtime boyfriend to death early Saturday after years of abuse, officials and stunned family members said. Christina Quinones slammed a knife into the chest of Ruben Jimenez, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, during a fight in her apartment at the Todt Hill Houses on Westwood Ave. in Castleton Corners, Staten Island…

…Quinones told police they were arguing over the Friday night phone call from another woman when Jimenez tried to choke her. She pulled a knife and stabbed him in self defense, she said.Quinones was charged with murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon, officials said. Her arraignment was pending Saturday night.
This is Quinones’ first arrest. Jimenez had been arrested 14 times before — twice for brutalizing the mother of his children.

Source: S.I. woman stabs, kills boyfriend after fight – NY Daily News

I rather be uncouth.




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  1. Of course her statistics are crap. I read some where that the “they knew them” includes all levels. Not as it implies they are all long-time intimate partners. Some of the situations are more superficial.

    Regardless, even a spouse can be a legitimate self-defense reason…


    1. Quite right. Picture this completely-fictional scenario: Scumbag stops at a Starbucks and orders coffee. He decides he likes the female “barista” behind the counter, and thinks she’s pretty. He starts stalking her, ultimately culminating in [redacted]. (I’m not going into details; it’s the context that’s important for this discussion.)

      Officially, according to the statistical definitions, they are acquainted, so he falls into that “3 out of 4” abusers who are “known to their victims”. She doesn’t really know him from any of the other 400 people she sees in a workday — he’s certainly not an intimate partner — and she probably wouldn’t otherwise recognize him at all, but because they’ve “met before” they’re not “perfect strangers”, so he counts.

      It just shows, when it comes to statistics, definitions matter.


  2. I’m tired of the creeping definition of misogyny.

    I don’t like Trump, but I hate lies more. I listened to Trump’s statement in its entirety. What he said was that if you are rich enough, women will let you grope them.

    Disgusting, yes. Anything worse than what countless hip hop artists sing about any why they want money? No. I’m not defending his statement. I’m saying his statement was not an admission of sexual assault. There is a difference.

    As pigish as that is, it’s not misogyny and it’s not deadly. It may show a lack of respect for women by a rich guy. But there is no equivalency between believing that some women are inherently gold diggers that will let you fondle them if you are a rich celeb and beating a woman to death.


    1. I mean hey, that’s half the motivation behind my desire for wealth: Money is a better aphrodesiac than any amount of intelligence, charisma, or good looks, and if handled properly will last you a lot longer than either, too.

      It’s absurd what women are willing to put up with as long as the guy’s loaded.



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