Where discourse goes to die

After my last post on Cocks Not Glocks, I found myself scrolling through the Facebook page of the Cocks Not Glocks founder Jessica Jin.

Her page is where reason and discourse go to die.  Jessica Jin is a Social Justice Warrior.  Those who fight for the advancement of SocJus do so knowing that they have no obligation to be rational.  In fact, according to the most SocJus website ever, rational discourse is racist and used to oppress minorities.  Of course being rational doesn’t get you a full coverage article in Cosmo and acknowledgment on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show when you are a 25 year old music major.

Ms. Jin’s anti-gun methodology is not just an attack on gun rights.  It is an attack on the fabric of this nation.  No, that is not an understatement.  She claims to “fight the absurd with the absurd.”  However concealed carry is not absurd.  Right now all 50 states and Washington DC have some form of concealed carry.  Only nine states and DC are may issue.  There are approximately 14.5 million CCW permit holders in the US, almost 5% of the population.  Beyond numbers, there are real social and Constitutional issues at play.  How can the “right to keep and bear arms” be fully realized if one cannot bear arms in public?  What is the effect of CCW on crime statistics, domestic terrorism, etc?

Jin’s answer to all of this: big rubber penis!

This response to a serious issue is asinine.  Imagine if were used in any other political topic:

Immigration reform, and border security – big rubber penis!

Financial sector reform and banking regulations – big rubber penis!

Taxation, healthcare, and the relationship to unemployment and labor force participation – BIG RUBBER PENIS!!!

In this case, the side that wins is not the side that makes the best points or rational arguments, but the side that is the most obnoxious and berating.  It is the side that brings the most clowns.

This type of spectacle only serves to worsen the political dialog in this country.  It doesn’t add anything productive to the conversation, and the more the media focuses on it, the worse it makes everything.  With Jin, anti-gun buffoonery may be her metier, but she does not hold back the distasteful ridiculousness when it comes to conservatives or organizations on the other side of the aisle.  Here is Jin homesteading scatological domain names to associate them with people and groups she doesn’t like.

The epitome of SJW class.


It is in her anti-gun and anti-concealed carry activities that her ignorance and hate congeal into a unpalatable aspic of ugliness.


The military clouded with business to come up with a Frankenstein [monster] in the form of the AR-15, which is like selling rat poison in baby food jars?  And of course, to her, he people buying these guns are “n00bs with rage issues,” not to mention her negative assessment of the firearms industry and the people that work in it.  Virtually nothing in what she said about how the gun industry works in her rant was accurate, but that doesn’t stop her from vomiting up this rant to the accolades of her followers, who regard her as an expert in this subject because big rubber penis.

When someone confronts her with something approaching a modicum of reason, questioning big rubber penis as an argument*, she falls back on the classic crybully tactic of claiming victimhood from mansplaining.  When called out on her irrational and obscene argument, she fires back with an irrational and sexist argument.


*”Big rubber penis” I must concede, is a better irrational justification than “because [current year]



She does this multiple times.  She never explains how big rubber penis is supposed to work.  How it is supposed to change hearts and minds.  If you say it won’t and that her tactics are sophomoric, you are a sexist who assaulted her with your mansplaining.  Apparently calling someone out on their bullshit argument is oppression if the bullshitter is a woman.

The tragedy that makes this snowball out of control is that she lives in an echo chamber, as all SJWs do.  Her friends and followers are just as bad.  Here she is saying that she doesn’t have the time to explain why her irrational argument is valid, so shut up.  This is of course the flip side to “google it” or “look it up” in SJW speak when asked for evidence.  They have none and can’t explain it but your are the racist/sexist/-phobe for not accepting it at face value.

Her follower then chimes in with the ever unhelpful “gun = small penis” argument, doubling down on the stupid.  I do have to say, I like Andrew Dobbs response.  He’s and SJW too, but he had to call out the first SJW on body shaming.  I love to watch them eat each other.


Here Jin is arguing against gun control for being racists while arguing for gun control, because logic is not her strong suit.  It is completely backwards and she doesn’t get it.  Ladd Everitt does, which is beautiful.  Notice how he warns her to stay away from this line of argument, and uses America’s racist history as his justification.  He knows in his heart that it was Democrats who passed so many of these racist laws, and doesn’t want that gem to get pointed.


Lastly we have some good old fashioned mockery of gun owners.  It’s not that their position as any rational merit.  That a person with a valid CCW should be able to carry onto an open public college campus – that if their CCW is valid on one side of the street which is downtown Austin, it should be valid on the other side of the street which is UT Austin.  Nope, it’s that they are a bunch of poor gun lovers that can’t stand to leave their guns a home *tear*.

This is how political discourse in America dies.  When these types of people are celebrated in the media, given awards for action, and hailed as heroes.  Sure, their arguments have no merit.  They use ad hominem and accusations of bigotry as their only defense.  They make obscenity a virtue and reason a vice.

But… big rubber penis.

8 Replies to “Where discourse goes to die”

  1. From one of the Everyday Feminism links: “Being Rational Has No Inherent Value.”

    Well, that just about says it all about their thought processes* and rhetorical diarrhea.

    *Using the term “thought processes” is being generous.


  2. The AR wasn’t commissioned by the military. It was on the civilian market for 3 or 4 years before the Air Force tried it out for their security forces. Also, big rubber dick. 😉

    It would be a lot funnier if it wasn’t so sad. I think her parents need to get a refund from UT.


  3. This strikes me more as passive aggressive than SJW, although I have no doubt that Jin is a SJW, I think the ridiculousness of it all is the passive aggressive way she goes about her SJWing.

    OK, let’s just acknowledge that the guns are phallic symbol thing is here to stay. Got it. Something we have to live with, even though there is no real basis for that analogy.

    So, when someone like Jin sees people that own guns, she goes straight to the penis analogy, and her response is to double down on it. You want to carry a phallic symbol, I will carry a phallic symbol.

    If she personally wanted to do that, and limit herself to that, I would be cool, but she decided to turn it into a movement. And, a bunch of similarly minded individuals (in other words people with the mindset of a 12 year old boy), decided to join in, and amplify the passive aggressive nature of the campaign. (Proof: the gun day care poster)

    Generally passive aggressive behavior fizzles out quickly. Very few people have the energy to keep it up for more than a few hours, forget days. Jin is a superstar of passive aggressive.

    For that achievement, She should be recognized for that at least.


  4. In this case, the side that wins is not the side that makes the best points or rational arguments, but the side that is the most obnoxious and berating. It is the side that brings the most clowns.

    Intentionally or unintentionally, this is probably the best two-sentence sum-up of Donald Trump’s candidacy ever written.

    Liberal SJWs or anti-establishment Republicans … doesn’t matter. Buffoonery works on both sides of the aisle.


  5. What if one of those big rubber dicks is used to rape somebody. The manufacturer of that dildo should be sued. She should be sued. Sue everybody! Right?


  6. Wow, I didn’t know I had a rage issue per Ms. Jin.
    If I did, I would think that she might be in trouble.
    Of course, the gun grabbers all know that is bullshit.
    So, she is perfectly safe to spout nonsense and sophomoric ideas and live in her bubble of unicorn absurdity.

    Ah, how will her world view change if she is ever raped while disarmed? I’m always curious about their stated beliefs and the impact of the real world on them. Sometimes they come around.


    1. From what I’m reading here, this creampuff seems to be so far gone that even being assaulted/raped likely wouldn’t shift her mind from whatever acre of the funny farm it currently resides. The things I’ve read on this post are insanity put to words, and I’m not even joking. The things this girl writes are all compulsion and knee jerk items, I don’t think any amount of real world experience is going to fix what’s broken in her head.



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