Crimes against humor

I was watching some knife reviews on the YouTube when I got hit by an ad I couldn’t skip.  It is for a new sitcom called American Housewife.

This is the promo that I saw:

I was instantly boiling with hate.  Look at that.  In what universe does three kids coming into the master to wake up mom not wake up dad?  I what universe does mom at some point not wake up dad for help?  Then dad comes down stairs having just enjoyed his “nine hours” while mom obviously did not get a full night, and look at the look at absolute contempt on mom’s face for her husband for his night’s sleep.


That face is pure hate for her husband.  Hate.  Why?  Because she didn’t wake up her husband to ask him for help.

Typical sitcom anti-dad bit.  How bad could this show be really?  Worse than you could possibly imaging.  Here’s the full promo:

She screwed up with her son?  Why?  Because he reads Robb Report?  Because he understands economics?  Because he wants to go to business school, which requires good grades and hard work, and will provide him with a chance at a good career?  Because he’s a budding Republican?   Just soak in the look of hate she gives her son because he has the audacity to have financial goals and wants to work hard to achieve them.

She hates her rich neighbors and  their lifestyles with big houses and boats.  She moved to the neighborhood because it has a great public school for her daughter.  I guess it never occurred to her that it is her rich neighbors and big, expensive houses that pay the extremely high property taxes (both the state and the actual city of Westport) that pay for the fancy public school that is helping her daughter.

Because irony isn’t dead, the promo for the YouTube trailer for American Housewife was a promo for American Housewife.  This is the promo for the promo:

This is a scene from when she is dropping her youngest off at school.  She hates the other moms.  That face is full of hate.  It is obvious that the elementary age children of those moms are a first kid, while her’s is the last kid.  That’s what, a 10 year age gap, at a minimum.  I looked up the actress who played the mom and she’s only 35, which floored me, she looks like – and acts like – she’s 45 (the actor that plays her husband is 49 so it’s not unreasonable to guess that she’s in her 40’s).  The actress who plays her eldest is 14, so mom was 21 when she had her first.  So when mom quips “who thinks a mother of three should have an ass like a 19 year old?” the answer is, nobody, of course, but when you have your first at 21, it’s not a stretch.

Other people have noted that this show seems to make a lot of fat jokes.  The NY Times did a better break down, though they are more tolerant than I.

Katie has contempt for all those well-toned bodies in Westport. To her, fitness equals shallowness and obsession with wealth. Counter one set of stereotypes by promoting another? That might work in more skilled hands, but here it just makes for sour, spiteful comedy.

At least Katie is an equal-opportunity hater. No one escapes her disdain, including her children, especially the two older ones (Meg Donnelly and Daniel DiMaggio), who she feels are in danger of being converted to Westportian elitism…It’s hard to embrace Katie as a heroine for the powerless when she’s so self-absorbed.

They didn’t notice the anti-husband, anti-family, or anti-conservative messages in the show.  It’s so much worse than just having a fat problem.  It has a problem with everything.  This show is about a woman that hates everything and everyone in her life, including her husband, children, and self.  Her life is a seething mass of envy.  She is a horrible person who deserves no sympathy.

This show is so un-funny that it poisoned the humor of the great Diedrich Bader.  This show is a crime against humor.  This show is poison.  The creators and writers of this show should be taken to the Hague and charged with crimes against humanity.


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  1. Well said J.Kb. Shows like this are why TV is such a desert of “entertainment”. Were it not for old movies and AMC, I’d pitch the bitch into the junk yard.


  2. I cut the cord years ago. I don’t even have an antenna for the major networks. I stream Netflix and Amazon Prime. I pick what I want to watch and don’t support the copious amounts of shit on regular TV. I don’t watch football anymore either. I still have for my sports fix. F*ck Hollywood, F*ck the NFL, and F*ck the major “news” providers.


  3. Before I even got to the NYT review, I thought of the same description they used: sour. Of course, the dad is depicted as some diffident, disconnected, and incompetent jerk.

    This is the sort of “comedy” that Futurama made fun of in the “Amazon Women in The Mood” episode, where there was a feminist comedy club “The Drollery Domicile” that did crap like the above.


  4. This is one reason why we have our Starbucks over run with pansies who have more estrogen than testosterone.

    I tire of a lack of decent male role models, but when the views of the feminists are deemed noteworthy and seemingly most screen writers are homosexuals, what do you expect? The traditional family is their nemesis.


  5. “This show is about a woman that hates everything and everyone in her life, including her husband, children, and self. Her life is a seething mass of envy.”

    Oh ok it’s not a comedy its a documentary about house wives. Yawn we have enough of those reality TV shows already.

    Kidding? Aside, I guess they got most of the Westport “image” right so there’s that I guess.



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