Smoke shop clerk fires at would-be robber – Rule Four approved.

Raleigh, a clerk at the smoke shop, posted security camera footage online recently of an Aug. 25 attempted robbery at the store. On the video, a man comes through the front door with a gun in hand and threatens Raleigh. (Note: Raleigh did not disclose his last name.)Raleigh takes a step to the left of the cash register and grabs a firearm, shooting at the attempted robber and chasing him out of the store.

“I took one step to the left and let one loose on the ground near him,” Raleigh said. “Westheimer is only about 50 feet in front of the store so I shot at his calves. I didn’t want to hurt anybody going by the store.”

Source: Video: Holding a cigarette, smoke shop clerk fires at would-be robber – Houston Chronicle

When I read this, I immediately remembered Jim Cirillo explaining that the Steakout Squad would shoot armed suspects in the ass and legs because of the fear of an errant bullet ending up in the busy streets of New York and hitting and innocent.

Not only a successful case of armed self defense, but Raleigh gets extra brownie points for applying Rule Four.



One Reply to “Smoke shop clerk fires at would-be robber – Rule Four approved.”

  1. Seriously? The clerk takes the gun, shoots it one-handed, can’t even be bothered to put his second hand on the gun because of his cigarette, claims to have only shot once while the video shows several shots and then claims to have shot at the legs?

    With the low skill level demonstrated, aiming center mass would have been risky enough. There is not much difference between bullets skipping off a tiled floor because you’re missing the legs and bullet going astray any other way.

    This may be a proper act of self defense, but it is horrible shooting when looking at the skills or the tactics.



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