Dudley Does Wrong Again in Minnesota

Our friend Dudley Brown is still roaming the country doing what he does best: taking credit (and possibly cash) for things he has not done:


The events indeed happened in city of Savage but the lobbying came from Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and not Dudley’s frankengroup. And I cannot compete with the quote from one of the MNGOC’s description of  Dudley’s creation.


Sarah Cade: MGR is like the PETA of gun rights. They talk a big game and take credit for everything … meanwhile they’re chucking puppies in dumpsters behind the scenes.

Bravo! Well said!


Hat Tip to Derek Ward….which means I probably published here before he had a chance to do it in his blog. Hehehe.

2 Replies to “Dudley Does Wrong Again in Minnesota”

  1. Pretty sure (based on the timing of the sudden and incessant spam from him) that Dudley started “advising” the Tennessee Firearms Association about the same time it started losing influence in the state capitol


  2. I think he’s more interested in the cash than the credit.

    Here in Iowa, I never get anything from the local subsidiary (Iowa gun owners) until after some bill fails, and he shows up asking for money to “take the fight to them” or whatever next year. Meanwhile, other groups like Iowa Firearms Coalition are out in front of legislation, lobbying state senators and reps, and publishing contact info before votes happen.



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