Otis Technology AK-47 Cleaning Kit

As Otis Technology expanded to the international market, there was a need to expand its systems to cover former Warsaw Pact weapon systems, with the AK-47 series at the top of the list. There has never been a truly dedicated AK-47 cleaning kit. AK-47-style rifles come with a rod (which were often lost) and fixed-stock models had a compartment in the back of the stock which held a bore brush made of nylon, a T-handle for the rod (kit body), slotted tip, punch and sight tool.

Source: Shooting Illustrated | Otis Technology AK-47 Cleaning Kit

I mostly use a pressure washer after shooting a thousand rounds and then lubricate with leftover olive oil from sardine cans. But if you want to get fancy, Otis is the way to go.

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  1. My Brother-in-Law was in Afghanistan with Army Intel. He swears that the only PM the Afghans did with the AK was to occasionally lube it with motor oil taken straight out of a truck engine. They’d use the dip stick and drip it right into the action and that was it.



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