A “Gun Owner”

Everytown posted this on their Facebook page:


It links over to this article from Vice: Tim Kaine, gun owner.

Oh no, Tim Kaine likes guns.  There goes all the evidence that the Clinton Administration is going to try and pass a whole bunch of new pieces of gun control legislation.

“The overwhelming majority of gun owners support the kinds of proposals that we’re pushing, like background record checks,” Kaine told VICE News Tonight. “And sadly, the NRA has switched from being a representative of gun owners to being representative of gun manufacturers.”

Seems that possible future VP Kaine has bought into the “gun owners are stupid sheeple that buy whatever the NRA tells them to buy from their gun maker overlords” conspiracy.

The “Gun Violence Prevention” section of HillaryClinton.com calls for laws expanding background checks on gun purchases, says “weapons of war have no place on our streets,” and promises to “take on the gun lobby.”

Well, there is Hillary’s call for a new assault weapon ban.  I guess she really is coming for our guns.  Understand this, when we say “coming for our guns” we don’t just mean the ones we have now.  We mean the ones we want to buy in the future.  There isn’t really any moral difference between taking away guns fro people now and preventing future gun owners from ever owning something in the first place.  You are just letting time and wear and tear do your confiscating for you.

“When you have somebody who has never held a gun before talk about ‘high-capacity clips’ — that drives gun guys crazy. It’s a magazine,” Kelly said. “To have people who own guns talking about this, I think it helps.”

He’s half right.  Listening to ignorant gun haters twattle on in nonsensical ways does drive us crazy.  Listening to a gun owner try to defend an AWB because he has his bolt action for deer and pump gun for ducks, is fucking INFURIATING.  It makes you no better than a Kapo, selling out gun owners for your political advancement.

Kaine will be the highest-ranking gun-owning white guy in America if Clinton wins. Kelly said Kaine’s addition to the ticket could make it easier to get new gun laws passed through a Congress where the NRA still exerts a lot of control.

Oh great, we’re going to have Vice President Jim Zumbo, forgive me if I don’t want a Fudd writing gun laws.

If Democrats are going to get new gun laws passed in a Clinton administration, they’ll need guys like Kaine to make their case.

We’re not going to listen to that traitor.  Hillary already made it clear what she wants, and no subservient VP is going to be the Judas goat that leads us to gun control.

We in the gun community learned our lesson years ago.  The Left calls for “compromise” than tells us that “compromise” means having our rights taken away and liking it.  There is no give with their take.  If universal background checks doesn’t come with universal concealed carry, were done talking.  They take our rights and we have to win them back in court.

These people do this with every right.  Oh how the liberals love free speech when it is their speech.  When it is not, they try to shut it down as hate speech, only to be reminded that the First Amendment protects that too.

I have no desire for the people who pass gun laws to be the same people who decided I should be sued for up to $250,000 if I don’t call some pan-gender tree-sexual by xzph’s desired unpronounceable pronoun.

That’s how you end up going to jail for owning something with a shoulder thing that goes up.

Tim Kaine’s deer rifle doesn’t make him an authority on guns that will convince us NRA members to lay down our arms.  Tim Kaine’s deer rifle makes him a hypocritical, self serving asshole, that will protect his hobby while taking away my rights.

6 Replies to “A “Gun Owner””

  1. “Kaine will be the highest-ranking gun-owning white guy in America if Clinton wins.”

    Wait a sec…

    Doesn’t Biden own guns?
    If being a gun owner, and VP makes you some kind of special agent for gun control, why did Biden fail miserably?


  2. “Little Timmy” (the Demented Chipmunk) Kaine, has always hated gun in the hands of the citizens. The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has fought him tooth and nail his whole political career. We know well what he is (tyrannical elitist progressive Democrat) and what he is not (any sort of gun enthusiast).


    1. True, oh too true. We VCDL members know only too well what anti- firearm crap he tried to push on Virginia. If he’s a gun owner, it’s only for show. The guy is a menace.


  3. Unlike every other presidential campaign going back to 1st Clinton, I haven’t seen any “Sportsmen for Democrat X” propaganda for Hill at all. This is the first “Oh ho ho ho, it’s safe to vote Democrat; we won’t take your guns!” I’ve seen in connection with her campaign… and it’s only coming out now?

    They’re running scared, folks.



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