D-Day Minus 2

With the 2016 election coming up on Tuesday, and with the level of complete acrimony that each side has for the other, EVERYBODY seems to be talking about a potential second American Civil War.

Breitbart says Clinton is warning of one.

So are academics on talk shows, and talk show hosts themselves.

Trump supporters are afraid one will happen, while others say Trump supporters will start one.

the Chicago Tribune invokes Civil War imagry calling Trumps last big speech his Gettysburg Address.

Clinton may start one to get back at Trump supporters.

Of course, the Far Left things this Civil War will be just another race war.

Lastly, the Far Left media is going nuts about Trump and militia groups prepping for war against Hillary.


I don’t know if there will ever be a second American Civil War.  If there is, I doubt it will be the 2016 election that kicks it off.

That said, if there is one, I son’t think it will look anything like the last Civil War, or any of the other civil wars going on now in third world states.

We like our electricity and TV and buying food at the grocery stores just too much.  The damage to America’s economy and infrastructure from an actual civil war would be unpalatable for Americans.  Not to mention, the actual issues that Americans are fighting over won’t get fixed by a civil war.

If Hillary gets elected and starts going door to door confiscating guns, how will it solve anything for me to take up arms and march into a Blue State and occupy it?

I can see some localized riots and looting occurring if Trump went hard right and shut off welfare.  But we’ve already seen riots and looting in disaffected communities and that won’t organize itself into a army.

No.  I don’t fear another Blue vs. Gray, or even a Red vs. Blue.

The Alabama Air National Guard isn’t going to start bombing Illinois.  The Texas State Defense Force isn’t going to invade California.  I don’t want to go to war with the Liberals in Palm Beach County if they make Florida go for Hillary.  I doubt that even the most rabid Trump supporters do either.

If another civil war were to come to America, I think it would look a lot more like the French Revolution.  What there will be is a lot of volunteers to man the firing squads that get set up on the National Mall.


So for everybody that keeps going on and on about a coming Civil War… shut up.  Despite all your goading, Americans are not going to start killing each other en masse.  We’re not going to start The Purge, at most, we’re just going to drain the swamp.


4 Replies to “D-Day Minus 2”

  1. Yes, it seems like idjits on both ends of the spectrum are actually hoping for a civil war; and it’s obvious that they have no idea just how awfully bad that would be. It wouldn’t be over in two hours minus commercials. It would last for years and would only have a good outcome if we are extremely lucky, lucky, lucky. And our adversaries around the world would not be idle during this time. We could be invaded while at our weakest. So: message to all you wannabe Heroes: simmer down, and pray that we never see another civil war in this country.


  2. “If Hillary gets elected and starts going door to door confiscating guns, how will it solve anything for me to take up arms and march into a Blue State and occupy it?”

    Actually I think that’s the one situation where it WOULD solve it.


  3. If Alabama bombed some parts of the democratic peoples republic of illinois, no one would notice and any casualties would keep voting for hillary



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