New York Times gets a nice Crow Taco.

I am writing at 11:46 PM. The NYT and other media are declaring Trump the winner. I am still keeping an eye on Florida even though it was called for Trump.

But what I wanted to share is the NYT & Taco Stand own Graphic about presidential prediction for this election:


At 7 pm, they were predicting Hillary winning with an 80%+ certainty. By this hour, they are trying to find enough sporks to share the crow taco and the humble enchilada among the editorial staff.


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  1. The hag is not conceding because a couple of states are still “too close to call”. More tomorrow according to Podesta at the podium. She wouldn’t even make the statement herself.

    Gonna be either another “how’re your chads hangin’, algore” or another al franken case of “oh, shit !! Harry found 100,000 ballots in a box in the trunk of his VW. We can find more if you need ’em.”


  2. Yea, the wife and I had some real good laughs about that NYT&TS prediction graph, too.

    Every talking head on TV (we were skipping between four networks) was shocked … SHOCKED, I tell you … that Trump pulled the victory. I’m sitting there laughing my @$$ off saying that’s because they were getting their predictions from other talking heads. Anyone — Every. Single. One. — who actually looked at the data and demographics — who was voting who hadn’t before, who was staying home who usually voted, what populations are fired up enough to get out and vote, etc. — called it for Trump weeks ago, if not months.

    It’s really very simple: The people who were damaged by Democrat policies and programs outnumber the people who benefited from them. Hillary promised more of the same, Trump promised a new direction, and those damaged people were pissed off and motivated to elect change. The MSM failed or refused (I’m not sure which is worse) to see what every other analyst saw, and so they are the ONLY ones surprised at the outcome, which just continues to prove their descent into irrelevance.

    We had a good laugh at that, too. 🙂



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