Top three electoral predictions for Hillary.

#3. Pollyvote was bandied about by several media sources. My guess is that they just threw numbers they liked and made a map.



#2: HuffPo has to be some sort of Masochist gathering of “Journalists”. The writers keep getting all kinds of stuff wrong, they keep getting beaten for it and they don’t even collect a salary.



And the #1: Washington Post with their accidental Before and After.

The Media was no doubt one of the great losers last night. Political “experts” also got reamed a new one. I have to say, it is enjoyable to see it happen.


7 Replies to “Top three electoral predictions for Hillary.”

  1. It was truly fulfilling to watch Wolf Blitzer whine, cry, and continue musing how HRC must win even as NC, FL, OH, and the PA fell to DT. He was visibly shaken as his entire world came crashing down. And this morning, folks like Van Jones and Rachael Madcow have completely blown their head gaskets. Oh it truly is a wonderful day to be alive!


  2. The media so wanted the Hildabeast to win. It was fun this morning watching all the sad pandas on the news shows. I wonder if they run and brush their teeth every time they have to say “President-elect Trump”?


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