My post election comment

A lot of bloggers have been covering the post election collapse of the left.

It is almost tempting to laugh at the college kids at places like Cornell, Yale, and the UC system lose their minds in crying fits like toddlers who had their toy taken away.

It’s tempting to succumb to the schadenfreude of watching celebrities lose their minds over a Trump victory.

But I just can’t.  The histrionics following a Trump victory are actually WORSE than during his campaign.

Women are encouraging each other to get IUDs now—while they still can, because Trump has promised to ban birth control…?  My sister texted me and asked that I get a script for her birth control and get it filled and send it to her so she can stock up.  Seriously.

People are protesting because they are “in fear” and “hurting” because of a Trump victory.  


Really, when did Trump say anything about outlawing homosexuality or forcing gays into conversion camp?

Then I saw this article: Another election surprise: Many Hispanics backed Trump.

I just can’t laugh at these people.  Our nation is fractured and nobody wants to try and fix it.

Do you know why “many Hispanics backed Trump” is “another election surprise?”  Because to the left, Hispanic and “Undocumented Immigrant” are interchangeable words.

MIAMI — The Hispanic vote was bigger and more influential in the 2016 presidential election, just as predicted, but it also provided one surprise: more support for President-elect Donald Trump than expected. 

A USA Today reporter is shocked to find out that the decedents of Cuban refugees are, in fact, NOT migrant Mexican farm workers.  If you look at Cuban Americans who served in the House and Senate from Florida, the list is Mario Díaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mel Martínez, and Marco Rubio, and they are all… brace yourselves… Republicans.

Faced with these facts, the idea that “Hispanics = Mexican Illegals = Democrat voters” is not accurate didn’t penetrate this reporters brain case.

This is just one example, of course.

Small business owners across the country complained that Obamacare is hurting their ability to stay in business and hire people.  In the US, small businesses employ half of the private sector workforce, create 64% of new jobs, and make up half of the nation’s economy.  Repealing or fixing Obamacare is a serious boon to small business and is a platform that Trump took.  There is a lot of space for debate here.

But this is the depth of the argument that was made by the Left:


The losing side doesn’t want to try and understand why they lost.  They are just going to chalk it up to Trump voters are racist, homophobic, bigots.

This is where we are doomed.  If this carries on, we will never come together as a nation.  We might as well call it quits now.  The only outcome of this attitude will be, when they regain power in some future election, they will use their win to exact retribution.


If we can’t learn from this election, I am convinced that “Love Trumps Hate” is the last thing a former Trump voter will hear as a former Hillary voter shoves them into a gas chamber.


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  1. This is perhaps the single most disturbing thing that I have read:

    “If we can’t learn from this election, I am convinced that “Love Trumps Hate” is the last thing a former Trump voter will hear as a former Hillary voter shoves them into a gas chamber.”

    Unfortunately has happened entirely too often throughout history. Granted, the call to arms may have been different, but the sentiment is always the same. The “tolerant” ones are forced to execute you because your form of tolerance is different than theirs.

    One can only hope that the defining trait of all liberals (laziness) actually takes precedent over all this sabre rattling.


  2. It seems that “love trumps hate” involves a lot more arson and assault than I would have imagined! (H/T to Tam at View From The Porch)



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