Where’s my pin

Anti-Trumpers have adopted wearing safety pins for the purpose of virtue signaling, from the anti-Brexiters of the US.  Thereby demonstrating unequivocally that the Brexit vote predicted the election of Trump.  The safety pin is symbolic of a safe space, indicating that wearers of the safety pin stand in solidarity with histrionic crybabies.

Apparently, after Trump’s rhetoric, people on the left are afraid that Trump will somehow start rounding up everybody with a funny accent or with skin darker than his and have them all deported.  Because somehow a Trump victory will end the rule of law in this country.

Oh wait, a Trump victory did end of the rule of law in this country, they are called riots.  But I digress…

Their argument goes that with a Trump victory, everybody who voted for him a a racist and will be emboldened to harass people based entirely on prejudice.


As a result of this election, there are people with hurt feelings and they want to be comforted.

Here’s the thing.  I remember when Hillary said that the NRA and Republicans were her enemies.  I remember when a newspaper reporter said that NRA members should be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo.  I remember when a college professor tweeted that the children of NRA members should be killed.  I remember when a newspaper editor wrote that the government should go door to door killing gun owners.  I remember when Salon thought that every wannabe gun owner  should get shot.

I have heard more times than I can count that gun owners have small penises,are complete losers and douchebags, and are mentally weak and prone to violence.

Or all of this social media posting:






Years and years and years of belittling insults from the anti-gun left about gun owner’s masculinity, manhood, and character.  Years and years and years about how we should be attacked, reeducated, taken to camps, and killed.

Let me ask you this: where is the pin expressing solidarity with gun owners for all the hate we’ve taken over the years?

I like to target shoot and for that there are people that think my two-year-old should die to teach me a lesson, but I’m the bad guy.

I’m not buying it.  For all those wearing the safety pin after the election and ignoring or participating in the demonization of the people on the Right when you thought you were going to win… fuck you.


17 Replies to “Where’s my pin”

  1. I’ve got a pin. It sits in the back of the slide and strikes forward to ignite the primer when I pull the trigger. It creates its own safe space for me and it’s the only pin I feel I need .


  2. Miguel, I think I might still have a couple of those ‘souvenir’ pins – I’d bet that most of the diaper pin bunch would have no idea what they are. Maybe we ought to start wearing them!


  3. Wait, is their argument seriously that because the “average” person can’t tell the difference between legal and illegal residents, the FBI can’t either? Or do they somehow think that average citizens are going to be the ones performing the deportations?

    Just how stupid can these people possibly be?


  4. Again, if gun owners were violent, not a single leftist turd will still be breathing at the end of the day.

    We are the good guys, those that have a moral compass, an appreciation of the lessons of history, a commitment to fair play and we reject that the ends justify the means. None of this is true with the Democrats who want to disarm us so they can do unspeakable things to us. There is no other rationale for disarming citizens, but to control and abuse them.



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