Might have to kill somebody

This video has been floating around the internet.

It shows an attack on a woman in car by a bunch of “anti-Trump protesters.”  I put anti-Trump protesters in quotes, because 1) they are not protesters, but rioters; and 2) more and more we see that they are not so much anti-Trump but anti-American/social justice/anarchist.

The news reported that the woman in the SUV/van was having an emergency and was stopped by the rioters.  The posts I’ve seen says that she was pregnant, but I have no other evidence to support that.  What was clear is that the windshield of her car was smashed, people were taking her picture – probably with the intent of shaming her online – and people were yelling at her through the window.

Take note of the guy at the 34 second mark wearing the skull mask and carrying the aluminum bat.  Call it prejudice, but I’m sure that guy is up to no good, and is probably the guy that smashed the woman’s windshield.

But let’s assume that the video title and some of the other stories that use this video are right: the woman was pregnant and on her way to the hospital, when she was attacked and the guy with the bat smashed her car.

I’m telling you right now.  The second that guy with the bat takes a swinging stance at my car, ESPECIALLY with my wife and/or son in the car, Mr. Smith and Mr Wesson is making an appearance.  There is no way to know if its only your car that is going to get smashed or if you or a loved one is going to be dragged out of the car and beaten with said bat.  And I don’t want to find out.

I can assure you, once that first shot is fired, a path is going to clear for you in a hurry.

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