So the Liberals might have been right about Hate Crimes after all.

I think I saw it over Say Uncle. The FBI report about Hate Crimes in 2015 and the top 5 states are….

New York

Let’s see: Four Blue states and a Purple state.  That is a lot of Hate Crimes going on in such Liberal and Understanding places. No wonder they need safety pins to hold their diapers.


3 Replies to “So the Liberals might have been right about Hate Crimes after all.”

  1. The University of California system was having a crisis of anti Semitic attacks from the devil’s brew of Palestinian activists and social justice warriors that required the board of regents to intervene on behalf of Jewish students.


  2. You do have to realize that the reason the bluest of the blue states have the highest rate of hate crimes is because they also have the highest number of anti-hate crime laws, as well as the highest number of SJW judges.

    Seriously in NY, everything is a hate crime. If you are white, and the bus driver is black, and you do not have exact change for the fare box, I think that is a 6 month sentence.



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