Kevin Allred thinks Trump has super powers. (Update)

I mentioned this nutcase on the last post:


So who is he? According with New Jersey 101.5:

Kevin Allred, a $14,500-a-year part-time lecturer in the undergraduate Women’s & Gender Studies Department who developed a “Politicizing Beyoncé” course, was released Tuesday from Bellevue Hospital and was not charged with any crime.

And here is how he looks:

Dear Kevin: You ain’t Toshiro Mifune. Lose the bun.

If I were to create a character with these characteristics, my readers would flip me the finger and say they don’t go for caricatures. But this is Real Life and life is stranger than fiction or at least “cookier” and “nutsier.”

But why do I say he thinks Donald Trump super powers?

Allred tweeted that his detention by the NYPD is “proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun,” adding that the professionals who evaluated him thought it was “ridiculous” for him to be hospitalized

Don’t you have the feeling that the doctors left him out before a proper examination was made? We are talking a bit over a month before Trump swears in, but he is so awesome, he is already dictating police departments to go snatch peaceful unsuspecting college types and throw them in a Mental Hospital.
His Twitter feed is just fun to read if you have the time and the popcorn. In the meantime, I leave you with this:



Probably more entertaining that the last batch of Superman movies.

UPDATE: This just popped in my Twitter feed and I had to share 🙂

7 Replies to “Kevin Allred thinks Trump has super powers. (Update)”

  1. Interesting that he equates his arrest with the Trump administration when it was really at the hands of a Democratic administration who, needless to say has issues with the President-elect. Though, being a gender studies major, he’s likely skilled with blaming those who have nothing to do with his issues.


  2. Also, he needs to lose the fauxhawk. It shows a massive lack of commitment to the hairstyle. As someone who wears a for-real, shave-my-head-down-to-skin Mohawk about 2 months out of the year, either Bic it, or don’t bother.


  3. Politicizing Beyoncé

    People pay money to take this course?

    Now you know why I am adamantly opposed to “free” or “debt-free” college education.


  4. “…part-time lecturer in the undergraduate Women’s & Gender Studies Department …”

    “… developed a “Politicizing Beyoncé” course…”

    “$14,500 a year…”

    If there’s a clearer way of saying “never known the soft touch of a woman’s hand” I can’t think of it. This guy’s more pussy than a no-kill cat shelter during kitten season. Whatever manliness is, whatever definition of it you use, this is the polar opposite.


  5. The Santa Barbara knifer / shooter had a welfare check by police…

    These are the policies that the anti-gunners have been pushing at Fed and State level, now he’s complaining when the system is following said policies?

    You haven’t done anything illegal… yet, but we are going to forceably detain you (up to 3 days for a psych eval) where you must prove that you are not going to do a future crime of some sort…



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