When Your Cause is Righteous, Why Lie?

One thing the NeverTrumpers are finding out but apparently not processing (Just like their sub-brethen in the Gun Control Community) is that the use of lies and fake reports are actually propelling their opposition.



And here is denouncing video of the now infamous “attack” against a muslim woman that made it all over the place.

Although media will not cover the discovery of the false allegations with the same enthusiasm, the word will spread enough to hurt both the NeverTrumpers and the News Organizations themselves. Something we should be thankful for in this time of the year.

Keep making stuff up!

4 Replies to “When Your Cause is Righteous, Why Lie?”

  1. About 10 years ago a friend’s girlfriend started talking very emotionally about a day care in a mosque somewhere in Ohio or something that had been “gassed by Christians.”

    Being a well-informed news junkie, and having never heard this story, I asked for details and was of course provided a link to dailykos or huffpo or slate, I can’t remember.

    Using the FACTS in the story, I was able to track down local news reports. What had ACTUALLY happened was that there was an attempted robbery on the street outside of a mosque. The victim used pepper spray on the assailant. There was an open window on the second floor of the mosque, and that room had to be evacuated because of some fumes from the pepper spray.

    Pretty sure her response was “so it’s basically true.”



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