Somebody is playing with fire.

Police Officer in San Antonio, TX shot and killed.

St. Louis police officer shot in the face.

Sanibel Island, FL police shot and injured during a drive-by.

Kansas City-area officer, suspect wounded in shooting,

All this in less than 24 hours. Some asshole (or group of) is banking on cops to go medieval and give them an excuse for more street protests. They are betting on the protesters being more popular than the police.

It is going to be a catastrophic mistake on their part.

Apparently the lessons from November 8th have not been properly processed. They have about 3 months to play this game before their world may come to an end.

I remember from my high school lessons that the blue fire, the blue part of a flame is the hottest. Just a friendly warning.

2 Replies to “Somebody is playing with fire.”

  1. It’s been almost 3 weeks since a coward gunned down two local cops here. One in Des Moines and one in Urbandale, within 30 minutes of each other. They got the guy.

    I saw this morning on the news that police shooting deaths are up over 60% so far this year. It seems like it’s open season on cops.



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