The one where Moms Demands shows they are for kids getting killed.

I remember to check the Florida Chapter of Moms Demand very infrequently. Usually it has nothing but regurgitation of the main page and I like to poke Shannon Watt’s side better. But I have to say this post today needed to be brought front and center:



“They weren’t afraid to open their mouth,” said Police Chief Tony Pustizzi. “Thankfully we did not have a school shooting.”

A former student, Ryan Trollinger, 17, was arrested Oct. 10 after police found him in the school cafeteria with a loaded 9 mm gun. Another teen was arrested the next day after posting a threat on Instagram: “Watch out for round two springs. We comin guns blazin’.”

And police sent a third teen, who is a current student, for psychiatric evaluation in connection with written threats of violence after finding a “Terror Day” journal that he had written.

Police credit Jose “Daniel” Salazar, Sinclaire Caprio and Alejandra Palma for letting school officials know about Trollinger and the gun.

Three Coral Springs students honored for preventing school shooting – Sun Sentinel.

Moms Demand, in their need to keep selling the BS that Gun Control will solve all the problems in the world, has to go to the extreme to dismiss the brave actions of kids who identified a credible danger and acted upon it. It would have been better for Moms Demand’s bankroll for the students to shut up and allow a shooting to happen: If there is no blood and corpses, they become irrelevant.

Never forget that Moms Demand’s top soil and fertilizer are dead school children, it is their Miracle-Gro.


4 Replies to “The one where Moms Demands shows they are for kids getting killed.”

  1. That has to be one of the most moronic statements ever. It’s sad when a supposed “safety” group wishes the shooting had taken place. How many dead would make them happy? These are the worst kinds of ghouls, may they rot in hell.

    The three kids that said something are the real heroes. They should have given them medals.


    1. Who knows how many lives they saved just by speaking up? Including the kid with the “terror journal.” Adults can’t keep an eye on kids 24/7, their peers are the ones closest to them, physically, socially, and psychologically. It’s great to have kids watching out for their peers and notifying a reasonable authority figure when something looks out of place.



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