Bad Idea #309

The media, in their rampant desire to destroy Trump, decided to spill the beans on Trump’s meeting with Kirs Kobach  by using a zoom lens to read the paper that Kobach was carrying.

Rachel Maddow went nuts with this on Twitter.


Knowing that this is the level to which the media will stoop.  If I ever got elected to public office, I am going to have to pull an Operation Fortitude on the press.

All of my cover sheets will be on official letter head but will contain nothing but fake to do lists to troll the media.

Step 1) Establish a National Strategic Alligator Reserve in the Louisiana bayou.

Step 2) Use voter rolls to identify Democrat voters.

Step 3) Detain suspected Democrats using DHS.

Step 4) Feed Democrats to strategic national alligators.

Step 5) Appoint self President for Life.

3 Replies to “Bad Idea #309”

  1. You thinking this was a deliberate then? A troll of the media , and they’re all fake?
    I was kinda hoping this was deliberate but in a nod to the base. Virtue signalling, if you will 🙂


    1. I don’t know what to make of this. I just assumed that Korbach didn’t stick the doc back in the folder after he was done reading it.

      I’m saying I want to troll the media because they are being a bunch of jackasses.


  2. I’d fill the list with a bunch of over-blown SJW crap. Nation-wide “safe spaces”. Stop the hate. Equality. Solidarity. Etc.

    Or just a bunch of gibberish.

    Which kind of amounts to the same thing. 😉



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