More Forest Whitaker eye

In preparing my last post, I read a comment in The Trace that has to be the stupidest, most social justice statement I have ever read in my life.  It made my face melt.

Earlier this year, The Trace explored how “murder inequality” leaves black residents of some economically isolated neighborhoods in starkly disproportionate danger of getting shot. Contributor Daniel Kay Hertz found that in two Chicago neighborhoods — Burnside and Fuller Park — the homicide rate was more than 100 per 100,000 residents, over five times the city average.

Murder inequality?


The worst part about gun violence is that not enough upper middle class white people are getting murdered!?!

I guess we need some kind of affirmative action for murder.  Some method were we can encourage a gang member to not shoot a rival gang member but shoot the occasional waspy country club member.

College educated white Americans with a family income over $143,000 (top 10%) need to spend more time terrified that they will be shot when they step outside of their homes.

For equality.


3 Replies to “More Forest Whitaker eye”

  1. Well, the inequality in the following casual categories: fatherlessness, gang affiliation, illegal drug trade, prohibited persons, low income, low education, and lack of the Christian religion.

    There’s your reasons for the sky high black death rate. Fix any of those and we will see a positive correction trend.

    Gosh, sometimes liberals are so stupid that it hurts my head. Their heads should implode from the vacuum of thoughts and content there.



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