Daily News scared shiftless about National Reciprocity. 

Not for nothing did the National Rifle Association pump $38 million into electing Donald Trump President and another $24 million to secure the grip of Republicans in the Senate.Within grasp now looms a trophy long sought: federal legislation that would, if passed by Congress, extend the right to carry a concealed firearm in any one state, no matter how minimal the licensing standards, to all 50.

Source: The NRA’s dead aim – NY Daily News

As I stated before, I no longer give the benefit of ignorance/stupidity to journalists and editors of newspapers and other Media. So I am going with full political partisanship with this editorial from the rabidly anti-gun Daily News.

No matter how readily another state arms individuals already known to law enforcement as prone to violence, New York would have to allow its permit holders to carry a hidden pistol in public, overriding state law allowing gun permits only to those with the temperament and need for a firearm.

Basically they accuse every Shall Issue states of being retarded hicks that give carry permits to any moron including violent felons.  Of course,nobody goes through a background check in those redneck places.

Trump promised “national right to carry” as part of an absolutist Second Amendment agenda that would leave in place gargantuan loopholes in existing background checks for gun buyers, which allow anyone — convicted felons and the mentally ill among them — to purchase firearms on the internet or at gun shows without interference.

Admit it. You have to love how the editors intertwine National Reciprocity with the fake ghost of the failed Background Checks to hint dangerous armed felons will soon the roams of Fair Gotham if Trump and the NRA get their way.

Even someone on the FBI’s terrorist watch list can stroll into a gun store without impediment if his or her criminal and mental health records are clean. That’s a rare, perhaps the only, loophole Trump has hinted at a willingness to close.

And the hits keep going. I love how they keep drumming the terrorist watch list and how is needed to keep guns away from people, but their kind still has no issue in figuring out what is the process to get in the list or how to get out of it if a mistake was made or an overzealous or even vengeful asshole agent puts somebody in such list. But as usual those who don’t care for the Second Amendment have very little regard for the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Atop that tinderbox the President-elect girds to pile what amounts to carte blanche for gun owners registered in states with barely-there licensing hurdles to traipse armed through states with much stricter conditions for carrying firearms in public.

I do believe that we need strict licensing to issue permits to perform any type of journalism. And the police or state or local office should make sure that only people with the proper character are allowed to publish articles or issue editorials. I mean, we cannot allow barely-there examples of poor journalism like the New York Times or the NY Daily News to publish stuff irresponsibly, right?

Every now and then, a poor, well-meaning tourist gets arrested at an airport for violating the law; pleas for leniency follow.

Because the law enforcement your states refuse to follow the guidelines of FOPA and treat anybody going through your little kingdoms like criminals. And this is a very much needed change in that law: give it teeth. Same as in Florida with a couple of gun laws, if you are found violating the Second Amendment rights of an individual because you want to be a dick, you are fined heavily. No taxpayer’s money goes to cover your penalty, it comes out of your pocket. I am sure that after the first couple of NYPD or NJ State Troopers get their bank accounts raped of $5,000 each for being assholes, the rest will suddenly get religion and will allow the peaceful transit of people whose only crime is that the local “betters” think should not be armed.

The possibility of armed tourists and other visitors roaming streets where open and concealed-carry is now heavily restricted is problematic enough, making cops’ jobs that much harder.

You know, I keep hearing this and after decades of Concealed and Open carry in different states, we still have not seen those problematic issues they keep referring about. Must be that the collective brains of the NYPD are significant lower than the other redneck agencies in fly over country.

But that’s not even the main threat national right-to-carry reciprocity, as it’s called, would unleash. Because many states with especially lenient laws, such as Florida and Utah, invite outsiders to obtain their firearms permits, the federal law would as much as demolish New York’s common-sense limits.

Live in New York, get a Florida permit — and, via the internet, a gun. Proceed to laugh at local laws.

And this is why I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt anymore. Their lack of research is not stupidity but simply politically motivated, willing ignorance. About two minutes into researching Florida’s Concealed Weapons permits would have led them to the reciprocity page and this little tidbit of information:


So basically inserting that line in the voluminous laws of NY would make sure you keep your local subjects chained to your whims. How hard can that be?

New York would have to gird not only for the already-here danger of illegal guns procured via the so-called iron pipeline — shuttled up I-95 from the Carolinas and Georgia — but also the presence of many more armed citizens on its streets.

Ding ding ding! And here is where the run lies. Not because we are a danger, as it has been proven over and over that Concealed Carriers are more Law Abiding than even the NYPD itself, but because they are scared silly that some Floridian/Georgian/Wisconsinite/etc. may have the ability and balls to stop a criminal trying harm him while the local subjects must go to their every day lives with the fear of being maimed or killed by some jackass and they may wonder WHY they cannot have access to the same protections everybody else in the country have.

And you know what other benefit Concealed Carry has brought to the states that has it? A lowering in corruption of public officials. No longer is the well-connected or the very fluid with cash the only ones that can have a gun permit issued, but also mom and pop and average Joe can carry a gun as long as they are not in the very short restricted list.

And that is something that the Editors of the Daily News chose not to add to this editorial. Maybe because it seems to be common that the NYPD accepts payment for NY carry permits.






You can enjoy the whole FBI Report by clicking here.

And to the New York Daily News: Spare us of your BS and alleged New Yorker moral superiority, you are just another fish swimming the Tammani Cesspool.

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