First Florida Gun Bill for 2017: Airport Carry

HB 6001: Revises areas of an airport where person is prohibited from openly carrying handgun or from carrying concealed weapon or firearm.


Amending in Florida Statutes 790.06. This is another of those corrections that the Opposition will scream about but is much needed because the term “passenger terminal” got abused on the side of restriction, up and including parking lots and the roads inside the airport.  If I had to go to the airport to drop of or pick somebody off, I simply don’t get out of my vehicle… which pisses the hell out of my wife who has to load her less-than-light luggage.

Be ready to hear the moaning of anti-gun people who will assure us that the Open Carry of Machine Guns in Florida Airports will lead to the killing of gay tourists and the downing of airplanes in wholesale fashion.

Hat tip to Groundshy.

One Reply to “First Florida Gun Bill for 2017: Airport Carry”

  1. Surely you’ve heard of all the bloodshed at Georgia airports after the “guns everywhere” bill passed a couple of years ago, right? What, you haven’t heard about all the massacres?



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