Brady background checks stopped more than 3 million gun sales & the questions remains unanswered.


ALBANY — Background checks have stopped more than three million gun sales since the signature Brady bill was signed 23 years ago, a leading gun control group announced Wednesday.The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence announced the finding to both mark the anniversary of the bill’s signing and to warn that a growing number of gun purchases are falling through the law’s cracks.

Source: Brady background checks stopped more than 3 million gun sales – NY Daily News

Where are the 3 million prosecutions for violation of the Brady Background Checks Law? How many prosecutions ended up in convictions? How many served or are serving time?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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  1. As Sebastian points out, many if not the vast majority of those prosecutions would be pointless. They would be of persons who committed non-violent or technical felonies who are federally barred but not a danger to a soul.

    Just because we CAN prosecute does not mean we SHOULD prosecute.

    Personally, I don’t want prosecutions in the vast majority of those cases. They’ve been denied a purchase; that’ll do. In many cases, that’s too much; there’s no rationale for barring persons, even who may have at some point pled guilty to a felony, who have no history of violence and no likelihood of violence.



    1. No, by all means, waste the resources. Go after felons who try to buy a gun, even if it’s just a possession charge from a decade and a half ago.

      The problem is that when they start doing this, they’ll realize just how stupid it is to forbid nonviolent felons who have paid their debt to society from owning guns, and it’ll make them look bad.


  2. That “3 million” includes temporary holds and denials that were later overturned. I remember reading somewhere that ~97% of “denials” are due to the lawful buyer having a similar name to a felon, and eventually get overturned after they verify identity.

    But the Brady Bunch still counts them. 100,000 sales denied with actual cause among 2.9 million delayed (not to mention 150 million passes) over the past 23 years, and they call it a success.

    I could argue that’s 150 million civil rights violations (having to preemptively prove your innocence to exercise an enumerated right), 2.9 million of which are actionable under federal statutes (deprivation of rights under color of law, 18 U.S.C. 242), all to “prevent” 100K illegal sales spread over more than two decades.

    But that’s just me.


  3. I had recently commented on an anti gun blog about the Brady Campaign claim. I’m wondering where they get their numbers since the FBI seems to be reporting something different.

    And that speaks to one of the big problems with the gun control lobby. The number supplied by the FBI is a good thing in itself, so why go to the trouble of inflating it and ruining any possibility of credibility.
    And of course I mentioned the abysmal levels of prosecution. I found an NIJ report that put the actual number of prosecution for the year 2010 in the 40’s.

    “From the inception of the NICS on November 30, 1998, through December 31, 2015, the NICS Section has rendered 1,273,232 firearm denials. Of these, 106,556 denial decisions were provided in 2015. ”



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