Levis Strauss: really not that new position about guns.

Reader Scrappycrow brought my attention to the open letter by Chip Bergh (President and CEO of Levi Strauss) asking gun owners not to bring guns into their stores. More than likely, you may already seen this in other blogs, but if you are not from Generation Fart like myself, you may not know that Levi Strauss has long been actively anti-gun and even spent good money on supporting the Gun Control agenda.

This goes back to November of 1,999. Levy’s opened its own online music store called LevisMuisc.com and sold CDs via a relatively new marketplace website called Amazon. But their main site also served as Gun Control propaganda:


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Here is the text from the pic above


We are the future of America and we demand a future free from gun
violence. We will no longer remain silent as a preventable epidemic
devastates our towns, our homes and our schools.

We call on our nation’s leaders to develop a comprehensive plan to
end the crisis of gun violence in our nation. This plan must include:

1. A national campaign to educate all Americans, both gun owners and
non-gun owners, about the threat of gun violence and how it can be

2. Common sense gun violence legislation which is already supported
by the majority of Americans, including the majority of gun owners,
such as: Child access prevention laws to hold gun owners responsible
for what happens with their guns and prevent children and others from
having unauthorized access. Elimination of assault weapons and other
weapons of war. Nationwide laws to eliminate illegal gun trafficking
and keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Licensing and registration
of guns, like automobiles. We demand solutions, not political debate,
and we demand those solutions now.

Notice the repetitive use of the word demand. This is back when Anti Gunners thought they were riding high and their goals where within their grasp. I checked on the old Newsgropus archives and one of the things I found was the response of an email sent by a Pro Gun member chiding Levis for their gun control efforts and its association with PAXUSA.org.

“Thank you for taking the time to write us. Customer feedback
is very important to us and we appreciate your taking the time
to express your opinions about this issue.”

“PAX is a non-profit, anti-violence organization which strives
to reach youth all over the country by making a difference
and attaining a society free of gun violence. ”

“Levi Strauss & Co. supports PAX’s goal to bring all Americans
together to support common sense solutions to the gun violence
epidemic.  PAX does not seek to ban firearms. It only seeks
to end firearm violence through measures which the majority
of Americans, including gun owners, can support.”

“Levi Strauss & Co. believes that all students should have an
opportunity to learn in a safe environment free of violence and
by supporting PAX and their petition, we hope to help put an
end to gun violence in our schools.”

“Your views have been registered and we appreciate your taking
the time to write and express your thoughts about this important


“Levi Strauss & Co”

Abusing Archive.org once again, we find some images from PaxUSA.org


The narrative sounds familiar, right? PaxUSA is no longer an active site, but if you go to the URL PAXUSA.org , you will be redirected here:


Well, ain’t that a surprise? But it gets better. In searching more info about PaxUSA, I bumped into a load of photos taken during a gala they had in 2007 and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:






And last but not least:



And here is Dan Gross’ bonafides:



Why did Levi’s decided to come out with a non-binding letter about carry in their stores? Probably they needed to leave a fresh mark among the Deluded, do remember they are a company headquartered in San Francisco and as you were able to see, with deep roots in the gun control movement. The problem is we are no longer in the 90s, neither of the Clintons are president (Thank God) and Levis Open Letter has the power of a bovine fart in stopping a hurricane.
The good thing is I had long stopped wearing Levi’s: Too expensive and I could buy three Wranglers at an Outlet Mall for the same money and they fit better while lasting longer.

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  1. This is just a repetition of a move started by Starbucks, Target, etc. Namely, saying they don’t want lawful carry in their stores, but wont actually publically post in accordance to local laws. They hope that they’ll score brownie points with the intelligentsia while they fervently hope that they wont lose business from the sizable number of permit holders currently numbering around 12 to 14 million.


  2. Wow, I had no idea of how far back Levi’s anti-gun activity went! It’s not surprising how “intersectional” (to use a favorite SJW term) all the personae/groups are going back a long time. I only got seriously into firearms and gun culture about seven years ago, so this is a great education — thanks for fleshing this out past a simple post about their latest statement that I’d passed along!


    1. It goes farther back than 1,999 but the Levis Music was an very outward and public display rather than the standard PR statement or the Friday Night cash donation to Handgun Control Inc/Brady Campaign.
      Lee and Wrangle both benefited by this. Gun people also vote with their wallets as K Mart found out the hard way.


  3. “…Too expensive and I could buy three Wranglers at an Outlet Mall for the same money and **they fit better while lasting longer.**”

    As a welder who is extremely hard on his jeans all I can say is: WORD.

    (BTW, Rustler brand is made by Wrangler and are less expensive still)


  4. It’s getting hard for me to keep track of all the companies out there that hate me because I’m a gun owner, hate me because I’m not a progressive/liberal, and hate me because I love freedom and liberty. We should work on a list of these companies so it’s easier to spread the word to others like us.



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