The New Klan wears red and rides the internet.

And it is not living in the South but in the sophisticated North East and the Progressive West. The Red Ku Klux Klan (Red K or R3K for short) is literally shadowing their Democrat ancestors by far and wide. Here is a sample of comments collected by  and posted in his Twitter account.


These were some I caught in about 5 minutes of search:


Dear Red KKK: you know what? Fuck you.

Fuck you for being hateful assholes.

Fuck you for rejoicing on the pain and suffering of my adopted state.

I am not alone when I say we will repay the sentiment hundred fold and the currency will be deeds, not words.

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  1. The Red Cross has told people to stop sending blankets and whatnot, they have enough, but send money instead.

    There’s a reason Tennessee is called the volunteer state, remember the 2009 flood? How many stories on CNN or fox did you see about the poor people suffering on end? What you saw was people riding their airboats around rescuing their neighbors from houses and so many people wanting to help that officials were turning people away because they had enough help


  2. Not trolling, what exactly does the “Red” refer to? Just trying to figure it out and I feel kind of dumb since I can’t


  3. Here in Chattanooga we just had a major school bus accident resulting in the deaths of a half dozen elementary age kids. Over $200k in voluntary donations plus donated services (as in not forcibly extracted tax moneys) have already collected. Maybe armed members of the state should go around and strongly suggest they set aside a donation. Because hillbillies don’t have the sense to help people in need.

    The argument that red states should forgo FEMA or federal disaster relief because they want limited gov’t is preposterous. Those funds are extracted by all those paying federal taxes. It’s not optional.

    Authoritarian statists have severe mental issues.


  4. And the next blue-state disaster — natural or man-made — will see donations pour in from red regions. Because we’re better than they are.



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