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Some time ago I wrote a post about a movie called Miss Sloane.  What brings it to mind is that I saw the first trailer on TV a couple of days ago.

This is it:

Compare that to the first trailer I saw some months ago:

Notice a difference?

They took the entire “going after the gun industry plot” out of the trailer.


The first trailer was launched in September.  The second trailer was launched the day after Trump won the election.  Maybe this is a coincidence, but a part of me doesn’t think so.  Especially since I have only seen the second trailer on TV.

The full trailer gives a lot of the plot of the movie.  Professionally successful lobbyist with no work/life balance tries to destroy the gun lobby/gun industry because she suddenly comes down with a case of conscience.

A review by the NY Times  describes the character of Miss Sloane as “chilly.”  That is an understatement.

With her heavily applied crimson lipstick, copper hair and pallid complexion, Elizabeth is beautiful but scary. She’s just one step away from a bloodless cousin of Morticia Addams.

She’s scary.

Elizabeth is shown testifying before a Senate subcommittee. Questioned about breaking ethical rules by arranging a trip for a senator to Indonesia to research the feasibility of a tariff on palm oil, she repeatedly invokes the Fifth Amendment.

She’s corrupt and is engaged in the personal enrichment of politicians for political favors.

We learn early in the film that Elizabeth lives on little sleep and relies on a roller coaster regimen of uppers and downers. Outside of work, she has no personal life. Her needs for intimacy are met by studly male escorts, one of whom, Forde (Jake Lacy), becomes a regular.

She abuses prescription drugs, is totally loveless, and her personal relationships are non existent.

When under siege, she doesn’t disguise her arrogance and contempt, and she bullies underlings.

She’s a bully.

Elizabeth demurs. Having changed her views on gun ownership “somewhere between Columbine and Charleston,” she now supports background checks for gun buyers.

A cold, corrupt, loveless woman, with terrible personal relationship abilities, who abuses underlings when she gets mad, and decides to push for  universal background checks after a politically convenient mass shooting.  She’s Hillary Clinton, but Hollywood pretty.  She’s a cross between Hillary Clinton and Patrick Bateman.

No wonder a different NY Times review says “Jessica Chastain’s ‘Miss Sloane’ Echoes Campaign Rhetoric.”

The filmmakers acknowledge that their project plays very differently than it would have had Hillary Clinton defeated Mr. Trump. But they say they can’t control how “Miss Sloane” will be perceived by filmgoers and critics in light of the election outcome.

No shit.  Miss Sloane was supposed to be a Hollywood victory lap.  Then Trump won.  There was no Clinton victory to take a lap for.  Now this studio is stuck with this movie on their hands and they know the truth about it.  A movie about a cold, manipulative, humorless woman taking down the gun industry?  That’s just a Hillary Clinton presidency fan fiction biopic.  In the 2,623 counties of Trump voting Middle America, that will rank in theater popularity somewhere between Justin Trudeau’s History of the Thrid Reich and The Love and Romance of Anthony Weiner.

Now the new trailer makes sense.  They have to downplay the push for gun control because Trump voting Middle America won’t see it.  They have to try and sell it as a political thriller and not a celebrity reenactment of a Hillary rally.

A two-hour-plus drama about a divisive issue represents a gamble in the superhero-driven marketplace, and the odds against “Miss Sloane” may have increased since Mr. Trump’s victory.

That’s what I just said.  They have to lie about the plot to trick Trump voters to go an see it to fluff the opening weekend box office.

This movie is a Hoover filled with TNT, it’s going to suck and bomb at the same time.

Despite this, or maybe because of it, it will probably win an Oscar.  If there is one thing Hollywood is good at it is blowing itself and celebrating just how wonderful it is no matter how the public votes with their dollars.

Partly because “Miss Sloane” is more a character study than a coherent political drama, it fumbles the issue it purports to address, and it eventually runs aground in a preposterous ending.

Fumbling the issues and suffering from a preposterous ending?  Sounds like Hillary Clinton to me.


6 Replies to “HRC the Movie”

  1. I wonder if it’s fiction level surpasses that one movie where a volcano spontaneously swallows LA? As in, does she get gun control passed in the end?


  2. I would love it to win an Oscar. I stopped caring about ANYTHING Hollywood did when the ruling elite gave a pedophile a standing ovation in 2002.


  3. “Superstition drugs.” Ya gotta love autocorrect…

    The way the first trailer for this ran, I thought it was some kind of spy movie.

    Then they started adding in bits about the gun grabbing agenda, and I said “In WA this might play in Seattle or Olympia”, but pretty much nowhere outside the city limits. As you say, it will go over big with entertainment industry types and the Usual Suspects, some bean counter somewhere is going to be wondering why it wasn’t a direct to video release. and the guy in the next cubicle is going to be saying it shouldn’t’ have even been that….



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